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Sips and Dips - First Thursday - Meet in a host home, bring an appetizer to share, and your own beverage. This is very popular so you must sign up on the calendar.

 - Fourth Thursday - It’s your Choice as we take field trips to visit places of interest both locally or within two hours of Punta Gorda. We visit museums, galleries, gardens, eco-tours and animal parks and usually combine a lunch in close proximity to wherever we are touring. There really is no limit to what we do or see as long as you are willing to come along! Think of them as exploratory trips for when family and friends want to visit and see more than your home, lanai, pool and boat or golf life! It’s your Choice!

Ladies Lunch
 - Second Thursday - The ladies meet for lunch locally or drive to more distant locales that often provide shopping and other sightseeing opportunities. Ladies prefer to sign up ahead of time and often carpool with others.

Sunday Funday - It’s just like it sounds. Up to three or four times a year we sponsor something different that we do on Sunday! Food, fun and Friends figure prominently! Committees plan and volunteers help execute these or we just go places for maximum ease! We’ve had trips to a Broadway play, luaus, chili cook-offs, New Year’s Eve and Lobster Fests as some of our events in the past. Nothing has to stay the same and the challenge is always to come up with something new, different and simpler!

Chow Hounds
  - Second Thursday - The gentlemen Friends generally choose to stay closer to home for their lunches. They also go a bit more informally without sign-ups required. The standard line is that they guarantee there will be no shopping! 

Friends to Go
 – Do you have something you’d like a larger group of Friends to do with you? This is as simple as posting information about an event nearby and gathering Friends to attend with you. It also can be more organized with hotel arrangements, dinners and tours planned by a travel writer in the club who finds great deals. We’ve gone to Sarasota, Clearwater, Winter Park, West Palm Beach and Delray Beach in recent years.

 – Third Thursday - Our club’s monthly happy hour features food, fun, Friends and our 50-50 drawing for the benefit of the winning member and local charities. We meet at Beef O'Brady's from 5 to 7 PM.  

General Meetings and other special events
 – It’s not often that we have one, but if there is a Fifth Thursday in the month, we make it a general meeting night. And we try to make sure it isn’t just a meeting.

Other events are planned by Friends who have the inkling to arrange things in-home or at other locations in the community or the PGICA. They aren’t formalized as committees of the club but have been enjoyed by all who have participated.

   Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association | 2001 Shreve St. Punta Gorda, Fl 33950 | 941-637-1655