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Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association, Inc.
2001 Shreve Street, Punta Gorda, FL 33950
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Membership Information

The Seafarers is a limited membership club organized under the Punta Gorda Civic Association. Membership is targeted at 300 individuals.

Membership is open to all residents of Punta Gorda Isles who meet the requirements for membership.

Members must:

  1. Reside in Punta Gorda Isles
  2. Be a member of the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association
  3. Own a boat operated on Charlotte Harbor
  4. Agree to participate actively in Club events
  5. Provide evidence of one family member having passed a Safe Boating Course

Simultaneous membership in the Seafarers and any other PGICA-sponsored boat club is not permitted.

The annual membership fee is $20 for a single membership or $40 for a family membership. Membership fee is payable upon completion of a membership application initially and on the first of January in subsequent years.  Members joining after June first of any year shall pay one half of the annual dues for the balance of the year.

There is also a onetime initiation fee of $50 per couple which includes two custom Seafarer nametags and one Seafarer Burgee.

Therefore, the total charge for a couple joining as new members before June 1 is $90, and after June 1 it is $70.

For further membership information please contact:
Seafarers' Membership Director