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What Is PGI Shops Punta Gorda?

PGI Shops Punta Gorda is a program designed to increase patronage at local business while giving PGICA members a discount. A win-win plan!

How did it get started

PGI Shops Punta Gorda Participants

The participating businesses will offer 10% discount or other specified benefit to PGICA members with their membership card. Always inform the participating business that you are asking for the discount before you order.

Shop Punta Gorda Listing

Please remember to show your card at the beginning of any transaction, when you plan to ask for the discount. 
Thank you


Shop Punta Gorda First

by Carol Rose  April 29, 2007

At the April 17, 2007 meeting, the Board of Directors of the Punta Gorda Civic Association Board formalized our policy of purchasing goods and services from local businesses whenever possible.  The policy states,

Whenever possible PGICA will give first consideration to our advertisers, Shop Punta Gorda, and local businesses in purchasing goods and services and encourage our groups and members to do the same.  These procurements must be competitive and provide satisfactory service.

Almost all of the businesses advertising in the Directory and Commentator are local. This advertising income not only covers the cost of printing and mailing the Directory and Commentator but helps us pay expenses.  Please use advertisers when ever possible.  Tell them you saw their ad in the Commentator and/or Directory.  Thank you.