PGICA Recognition Program

Ed Zapke,

At the annual meeting of the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association, Kay Abbs was honored as a person who has made a difference in our community. Those recognized receive a certificate and have an engraved brick placed in the Recognition Garden, located at the southeast corner of the center.

To achieve this honor, one has had to have made a major contribution toward making PGI, the City, or the County a very special place to live. In support of her nomination, it was written that “Kay exemplifies the Punta Gorda vision of people helping people.” She is a founder of Just For fun (JFF), a club for those who want to socialize by participating in a wide variety of activities. She was the volunteer co-captain for a home on the annual Home Tour for Beyond Ourselves, a group whose purpose is to reach out to those in our area who are in need. Kay has also contributed her time and effort to several other clubs and activities and worked on committees to make our city special.

As we begin a new year, it is important to understand the mission of the Recognition Committee. Back in 2012, the Board of Directors approved a program designed to honor those residents of PGI who have “made a difference.” To date over fifty current and former residents have been so honored. Among our “brick holders” are men and women who have started clubs, fostered charities that have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of needy children, created programs that have become the very fabric of the community we live in.

Any current or former resident of PGI is eligible. There is a form that is used to make a nomination. The ambiance of PGI and the quality of life in the City of Punta Gorda didn’t just happen. For sure, such an environment could not be sustained if it weren’t for the hard work and contributions of people such as Kay Abbs. The committee hopes that they receive many nominations for the 2019 Recognition Program. Recognition is earned not sought.

Carol Rose accepts on behalf of Ray Rose

Carol Rose, accepts on behalf of Ray Rose a long time member and civic leader for whom the PGICA is eternally gratefull.

Craig Esterly, Recognition Award Winner

Craig Esterly, Recognition Award winner.

The Class of 2017 was introduced at the Annual Meeting of the PGICA. An engraved brick will be set in the Recognition Garden to honor those elected.

Marlene Hofer, Past President, and member of the Recognition Committee, presented recognition certificates to Bob and Struss Shirk, Craig Esterly, and Carol Rose accepted the award for Ray Rose. This award is given to residents of Punta Gorda Isles that have made a difference outside the area of PGI. The list of achievements of these four people should make us proud to have them as members of our community. They will also have a brick placed in the garden by the pavilion, along with the others that have been recognized for making a difference.

The PGICA recognizes in this special way “those who have made a difference”. However, we all realize that success is a team effort and no one individual can be successful without the hard work of many others. Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2017 and thank you to all who volunteer to make Punta Gorda a great place to live.

History of the PGICA Recognition Program....

In 2012 as part of its 50th Anniversary, PGICA instituted a recognition committee of PGICA Past Presidents to honor residents of PGI who made a difference in our community. The work of this committee continues today. We need you to nominate people who will be honored at our next Annual Meeting.

We are looking for people who go above and beyond the normal volunteerism.

Past honorees have had relief work experience in Haiti, they have organized the boat parade, started a new club, worked with Tallahassee to get PGI inlets dredged deeper, and donated hours to charities throughout Charlotte County.

There are many people in our community that are doing marvelous things.  We just need to know who they are.

Honorees must have lived in Punta Gorda Isles. They may have volunteered for the City of Punta Gorda, various boards, volunteer policing, Coast Guard or other boating organizations, also hospitals, clinic, working with children, the elderly, or other Charlotte County charities. PGICA Membership is not mandatory.

The Recognition Committee encourages members and residents to nominate a person who has made a difference in our community.

An applicant will be evaluated based on:

  • their volunteerism
  • the importance of the contribution to the community
  • the long-term impact of their contribution
  • a set of intangible criteria determined by the individual members of the committee
Mary Frances  & Robin Adair
Bill Albers
Mary Frances  & Robin Adair
Bill Albers
Dr. Robert Andrews
David Baird
John Barnes
Peter Bontsema
Jane Brenner
Judy Brentano
Helen & Tom Cavanaugh
Buck Cockrell
Marilyn & Fred Counter
Bill Cromer
Nancy Dauster
Brian Duffy
Steve Fabian
Irene Feist
Glenn Frazee
Carolyn Freeland
Kelly Gaylord
Harvey Goldberg
Richard Greenwald
Bill Guenther
Dotty Hodgkins
Marlene Hofer
Nancy Johnson

Rex Koch
Don Landy
Rufus Lazzell
Tom Little
John Magnin
Don McCormick
Suzanne McCormick
Peggy Megiel
Joline Mowry
Carol Nieberline
Bob Peterson
Richard Polk
Jane & Tony Recine
Carol Rose
Jim Sanders
Larry Sandles
Adeline Seakwood
Jon Shattuck
Dick Shelton
Pat Slaughter
Marilyn Smith-Mooney
Sandy Snow
Bill Stringer
Marilyn & Murray Thorndycraft
Anthony Truizi
Gloria Walker
Ed Zapke

Recognition Garden

Recognition Garden