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Information for Advertisers

Contact: Connie Merritt - 941-637-1655 or  conniemerritt@pgica.org

Display Ad Policy

Camera ready art is to be submitted to The Commentator by the 10th of the month for the following month's issue. Digital ads in a jpeg or pdf format may be emailed. Ad resolution should be 300 dpi. 

Ad Positioning: Placement of ad in publication is at the sole discretion of the publisher, with the exception to any “Premium Placement” as noted in the Ad Description above.

Right of Refusal: Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement submitted.

Liability: Under no circumstances, will the publisher be held liable for any amount exceeding the cost of the advertisement.

Reservations for inserting flyers must be made by the 10th of the month preceding the issue date. The fee for distribution of flyers must be paid in advance by first time Commentator advertisers. No show flyers will be billed. Advertisers should provide 2,500 (for the summer we only need 2400 inserts.) flyers by the 17th of the month prior to the issue date.

Note: Because PGICA mails the Commentator using the bulk rates for nonprofit organizations, advertising from travel or insurance businesses is restrictive. Please contact your sales representative or PGICA office, 941-637-1655 for details.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Click here to download a Display Advertising Agreement

The Commentator
Full Color Ads (annual - 11 issues) 1X 3X 6X 11X
1/8 Page (3.625"w x 2.312"h) $85 $168 $325 $560
Quarter Page ( 3.625"w x 4.875"h) $170 $392 $730 $1260
Half Page ( 7.5"w x 4.875"h) $270 $650 $1225 $2120
FULL PAGE ( 7.5"w x 10"h) $450 $1160 $2290 $4080
Insert (Flyers) (8.5” x 11”)*
$235 $690 $1290 $2200
Premium Placement Surcharge (based on availability)
Back Cover (BC): 50% Inside Front Cover (IFC): 40%
Front Cover Facing Page (FCFP): 40% Inside Back Cover (IBC): 25%
Back Cover Facing Page (BCFP): 25% Calendar Pages (CP): 35%

Contact: Connie Merritt – (941) - 941-637-1655 or conniemerritt@pgica.org

Classified Ads

CLASSIFIED ADS are accepted at the minimum rate of $10.00 which is up to 160 characters & spaces (c&s). A character includes all letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation. Additional lines may be purchased for $2.00 per 32 characters. Maximum ad size is 320 characters for a cost of $20.00.

ANNOUNCEMENTS and FOR SALE ADS will be accepted – PAID IN ADVANCE – on a month-to-month basis. ALL other ads will be accepted only on a quarterly basis or longer – with payment for 3, 6 or 11 months IN ADVANCE. All ads must be submitted with payment (checks made payable to the PGICA). The Commentator is not published in August.

Classified ads can be submitted via email to conniemerritt@pgica.org . If you email, your name and/or company name, address, and phone number must be included.

Print or type your ad as you wish it to read. If typing, use Arial 10 as the font. ALL ads will be in BLOCK FORM ONLY (no centering of lines) with a CAPITALIZED & BOLD heading (up to one line). Use the word count feature to determine the cost of your ad or count up the characters and spaces (c&s) to determine the cost. Ads are entered on a first-come basis as space is available. The Commentator Editor reserves the right to change the ad for readability and will not increase the cost.

  • Minimum ad up to 160 characters $10.00
  • 161 to 192 characters and spaces $12.00
  • 193 to 224 characters and spaces $14.00
  • 225 to 256 characters and spaces $16.00
  • 257 to 288 characters and spaces $18.00
  • 289 to 320 maximum characters and spaces $20.00

A written ad is not necessary if the ad is a repeat ad from a previous month or quarter. Payment is due at the time of submission. The finished ad and payment must be received by the PGICA office 2001 Shreve Street, Punta Gorda by the 10th of the month preceding the publication month.

Click here to download a Classified Ad Order Form

Connie Merritt  (941) 637-1655 or conniemerritt@pgica.org

If your organization is interested in placing an ad in our monthly newsletter, The Commentator, please contact Connie Merritt  - (941) 637-1655 or conniemerritt@pgica.org

The PGICA will provide one free ad per calendar year (Jan. to Dec.) to any 501 C (3) non-profit organization located in the City of Punta Gorda. The requesting organization must provide camera ready art by email to conniemerritt@pgica.org by the 10th of the month for the following month's issue. The digital ads are to be in a jpeg or pdf format and the ad resolution should be 300 dpi.  Layout and placement of the ad in The Commentator will be based on space availability at the time and at the discretion of the Editor.

Thereafter, all non-profit ads will be placed in accordance with our published pricing policy.

Contact: editor.pgica@gmail.com

All submissions for The Commentator need to be in the editor's hands by the 10th of the month preceding publication.

If any additions or substitutions are made after submitting the material, please resend it in the updated version to eliminate possible errors. Articles are to be sent via email to: editor.pgica@gmail.com

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