Loaner Program

A project of the Health, Safety & Welfare Director

Items to Borrow

The PGICA Loaner Program is a well-used benefit of membership providing free rental of equipment for sick room or nursery. Pack-n-Plays, strollers, car seats, highchairs, wheel chairs, shower seats, bedside commodes, crutches and walkers and many more items are available to borrow. Front Desk volunteers manage the program for the Association. Members check out the equipment at the front desk during regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • Equipment is loaned for up to thirty days. A borrower needing equipment for a longer period of time should consider purchasing from a resale or retail shop. Only in extraordinary need will a 15 day extension be considered. PGICA Executive Director makes this determination.
  • A limit of 3 items per rental is imposed during peak holiday periods.
  • Borrowers agree the PGICA loaner items will be promptly returned in clean, ready-to-“rent” condition.
  • The PGICA Loaner Program is a self-reporting program. This means the borrower will make note of any problems or condition issues that need to be addressed prior to the item’s next rental. The borrower will then pass this information along to the desk volunteer when the item is returned.
  • When the borrower returns the items, the desk volunteer will log the item(s) in and the borrower will return the item(s) to the storage room.
  • The PGICA Loaner Program appreciates all efforts to maintain order in the storage room.

There are some basic sanitary recommendations when returning equipment. Such as:

  • Children’s bedding items should be laundered & returned in a zip lock bag.
  • Children’s strollers or high chairs with removable linings should have them removed, laundered and replaced on the equipment prior to return. Car seat linings should not be laundered, but can be hand washed with mild detergent and air dried.
  • All children’s items should be wiped clean.
  • Any adult medical supplies such as portable toilets, toilet extenders and shower stools should be cleaned with a sanitizing agent before their return.

Borrowing a car seat? We ask you to be aware of the following when borrowing a car seat for use by your little ones. Size of the seat is most important. The seat must be appropriate for the height and weight of the child. Be sure all harness and tether straps are in good condition and properly used. The middle of the rear seat of the vehicle is the ideal position for the car seat providing the vehicle lends itself to this installation.

Most car seat manufacturers suggest the “life” of a car seat is six (6) years. The PGICA does not accept donated seats that have exceeded this date of manufacture.

Safety information provided by the USAA Educational Foundation on Installing Car Seats other safety information is located in the Association office and in the Loaner Closet on the end cap of the storage rack near the car seats. Copies of the safety documents can be taken home along with the car seat.

We trust you will view these requests as courtesies to your follow association members/neighbors who will appreciate your time and effort. If you should come in to borrow items and you do not find the article in the requested condition we very much appreciate you passing that message to the front desk volunteer.