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Lorraine Darcy,

The Gifted Gator is a unique gift shop that sells creations by local artists and artisans. These talented folks benefit from the exposure and the shop has a constantly changing selection of quality, one-of-a-kind treasures. You will find original art and prints, jewelry, pocketbooks, embroidered items, handmade cards, wreaths, pottery, stained glass, and so much more. In addition, for the reader there are many books by our own local authors. The store is run entirely by a wonderful group of volunteers, many of whom are also the consignors

We were voted   The Best Little Gift Shop in 2014.   This is likely the only place in Punta Gorda where you can buy a beautiful artistic creation that will not be duplicated anywhere. The Gifted Gator is open to the public and we welcome you to come in and browse!

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January 2017 Featured Artist

Gloria & Ken Hank

Gloria and Ken Hank

The Hanks are a great team when making their jewelry. Gloria is the designer; Ken tweaks it and they both turn out an amazing piece of art. The earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are made of high end aluminum. This makes them very light weight and extremely comfortable to wear. The Swarovski crystals are then carefully placed into the item. The beauty of this design is that these pieces can be worn with jeans or a cocktail dress and look stunning either way.

Check their jewelry at the Gifted Gator.

Jewerly by Gloria and Ken Hank

May, 2017 Featured Artist

Barbara Besheer, Our Pottery Expert

Barbara Besheer, Our Pottery Expert.

Barbara has always had a desire to be creative and the pottery wheel always fascinated her. So, in 2007, she started taking pottery classes at the Visual Arts Center. Four years ago, she finally had some time to get really serious about it and someone asked her about ‘egg cookers’. These are little cups with a lid with a little hole in the top to allow steam to escape when you cook your egg. This method will cook a perfect sunny side up egg in about 55 seconds.

Barbara Besheer, Egg Cooker

It is not only very convenient but healthy because you don’t have to add any oils or butter to the cooker. The egg slides right out. She has expanded her line to two larger sizes and her ‘egg cookers’ are selling very well.

Great Items

We have great ideas for birthday gifts, gifts for your grandchildren, gifts for yourself. All our arts and crafts are made by local artists and we welcome you to come in and browse!

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