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540-580-2606 to say that you would like to participate and what months you are available. The format is a relaxed evening
        in a host’s home with two or more other couples. The host usually offers a variety of dates that he/she can host and a date
        is agreed upon. The host prepares the main course and others bring appetizers, side dishes or dessert as arranged
        beforehand. Everyone brings their own drink. Bon appetite!

        There will be no Dine Around in December due to the holidays. Rosanne Kruse will again be planning these events in the
        new club year. She would love to have another person join her in this task! Let her know by emailing her at

        Darts for Newcomers and others will be Tuesday, December 26 at the Ice House Pub, 408 Tamiami Trail at 5 p.m. Those
        wishing to play should contact Wayne at Most people have dinner first and get their
        random pairings about 5:45 p.m. and the games start about 6 p.m. First place winners in October were Marc Dillman and
        Ann Slattery.

                                                             Biking with Friends meets every Thursday, weather permitting,
                                                             for an easy 10-14 mile ride through the neighborhoods and
                                                             community. Meet by the PGI Grille on Aqui Esta and Bal
                                                             Harbor for the ride, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending by 10 a.m.
                                                             with coffee and tea at the Grille. Helmets are recommended
                                                             but not required. Sue Manternach at
                                                             can answer any questions you may have.

                                                             A book club meets monthly in the evenings. While it is
                                                             currently maxed out, those wishing to start another group
                                                             should feel free to do so. Lisa Koeneman at 540-580-5965 or
                                                             Linda Cram at 401-474-2463 can give tips on how they
                                                             organized one this year.

                                                             Now get out there and enjoy the weather and holiday season.
                                                             If traveling to other parts of the country, remember, the white
                                                             stuff won’t hurt you – it will just make you appreciate the fair
                                                             weather we enjoy here in Southwest Florida!

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