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PGI FISHING CLUB                                                            Gary Skillicorn,

                                  Does anyone think that fishing is only for men? Think
                                  again. That’s certainly not so in the Punta Gorda Isles
                                  Fishing Club. Just look at the photos on these pages. The
                                  women of the Fishing Club are real performers. Some
                                  have even taken to kayak fishing. The Club has a program
                                  called Ladder of Achievement where anglers are
                                  recognized by the size, number and type of fish caught.
                                  Elaine Betts was recognized in January with the award of
                                  (Star) Grand Master Angler. She’s caught an amazing
                                  number of fish that put some of best male anglers to
                                  shame. Sure wish I could catch fish like Elaine! When not
                                  fishing or if it’s not their thing, the women also have an
             Gary Skillicorn      active ladies’ social program under the leadership of
                                  Sherry Barrett. Not to be outdone, the men share some
         early morning breakfasts together. On Wednesday evenings all gather for a happy hour
         at the Sheraton Four Points Tiki Bar, often followed by a visit to a local eatery.

         Under the lead of Events Chairperson Dick Conant, I’m pleased to announce new
         initiatives with the formation of special interest groups for fly fishing and kayak fishing.   Elaine Betts
         This will help members looking for more challenges, sharing their interests and learning
         new skills.

                                                              As expected the passage of cold fronts bring on the winds.
                                                              It seems like only a day or two of moderate winds before
                                                              the next cold front and winds arrive. But that window is just
                                                              enough for some off-shore fishing where the grouper await.
                                                              Of course the canals are the last refuge when the winds
                                                              pick up. Winds or not, nice fish are being caught.

                                                              Please come join us on March 13 at 7 p.m. for our next
                                                              meeting. Even if not a member you’re welcome to visit and
                                                              see why the Fishing Club is the biggest club in the Punta
                                                              Gorda Isles Civic Association.

                                                              Our club is active year-round with fishing events, picnics
                                                              and many other assorted activities. Visit our website at and look at our newsletter for the most current activities going on throughout the year.

                                        Below are some events that might be
                                        of interest to many of you:

                                        Wednesdays at 5: happy hour at the
                                        Sheraton Four Points Tiki Bar
                                        Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 a.m.:
                                        breakfast at Elena’s
                                        Second Tuesday of the month at
                                        7 p.m.: club meeting at the PGICA
                                        Second Thursday of the month: Lady
                                        Anglers' luncheon
                                        Fourth Thursday of the month: Lady
                                        Anglers’ dinner

                                        The PGI Fishing Club is one of the
                                        finest fishing clubs in Florida. We
                                        average over 450 active members,
                                        from the novice fishermen and
                                        fisherwomen who joined to learn to fish
                                        our waters to some of Charlotte
                                        Harbor's top anglers whose expertise
                                        we look to in helping all members
                                        enjoy and become better anglers. Our
                                        diversity of knowledge is something   Cathy Hunt - 18” Sea Trout
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