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MEMBERSHIP                                                                                    Cindy Morrell,

                                                                      Happy Holidays! December is a busy time of year,
                                                                      especially here in Punta Gorda. Many of us living
                                                                      here are away from our families and at this time of
                                                                      year our “new” friends become our family! I hope
                                                                      that you are surrounded by Love and Holiday
                                                                      Cheer this season. Please join your PGICA Family
                                                                      at the Every Member Holiday Gathering, Monday,
                                                                      December 18 from 5 – 7 p.m. RSVP 941-637-1655

                                                The New Year will begin with a full schedule of events for you to enjoy.
                                                Check the calendar in the Commentator and watch for email BLASTS about
                                                upcoming events, and be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!

         Each One – Reach One Membership Campaign is in full swing at PGICA. It’s simple. Invite your
         new neighbors and friends to join PGICA. When you bring a new member to join, you will receive
         an additional month to your membership FREE.

         Special thanks to the outgoing PGICA Board of Directors and Good Luck to the New Board. A special thanks to past
         president, Debby Carey!

         We welcome the following new members who joined PGICA in October, WELCOME!

         Christopher and Pam Schaeffer   Waynard and Sonia Nelson
         Franco and Josie Greco          Michael and LeeAnn Egan
         Margaret Williams               Robert and Aude Sisk
         Steve and Lisa McKean           Louis and Eileen Hermans             Watch your Commentator, BLAST and
         Haskell ad Connie Rhett         Gary and Doris Balon-Frost               email for your invitation to the
         Stan and Barbara Sickafoose     Tom and Sandy Clark                      NEW MEMBER RECEPTION
         Barbara Campbell                Denny and Judi Roberts              Wednesday, January 31, 2018 5 - 7 p.m.
         Arthur and Jenny Goddell        Douglas and Yvette Dufresne
         Richard and Jo Ann Larsen       Douglas and Michelle Joyce           PGICA hopes to begin emailing annual
         Natalie Bissonette              Malcolm Sherrie D’Hollosy            membership invoices in January 2018.
         John and Kathleen Walker        Gerd and Melissa Marggraff           Please be aware that your invoice may be
                                                                              coming via email and USPS mail.
         PGICA Board Members…

         President                 Debby Carey                  Education                      Carol Duncan
         President Elect           Aaron Wagner                 Government Relations           John Miller
         President Past            Bill Albers                  Member Activities              Frank Easby-Smith
         Treasurer                 Ron Olsen                    Health, Safety/Welfare         Janet Lynn
         Secretary                 Carol Geiger                 Membership                     Cindy Morrell
         Center Administrator        Jack Gardner               Marketing & Public Relations    Barbe Koss
         Planning/Development       John Miller

                           SUNSHINE LADY

                                 Adeline Seakwood
                                    575.0906 or

                              Call Adeline if you know of
                              anyone who is ill, has lost a
                            loved one, or is just in need of a
                               word of encouragement.

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