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MEMBERSHIP                                                                                          Cindy Morrell,

                                                Attention all new members! Did you notice in your new
                                                member packet that there are letters from St. Andrews South
                                                Golf Club and Isles Yacht Club? These letters afford you a
                                                FREE round of golf at St. Andrews South Golf Club and a
                                                FREE Sunday Brunch at Isles Yacht Club. The value of these
                                                two offers more than covers your annual membership cost to
                                                PGICA. Simply mention these letters when you call St.
                                                Andrews for your tee time and when you call to make your
                                                reservation for Sunday brunch at Isles Yacht Club. What a

                                                Speaking of bargains…Do you want a FREE month added to your
                          membership at PGICA? All you need to do is bring a friend or neighbor in to join the Punta Gorda
                          Isles Civic Association and you will receive an additional month to your membership. It’s easy, so
                          spread the word!

         We welcomed more than 75 new members at the New Member Reception on January 31. If you missed that party, don’t
         worry. Another New Member Reception is planned for March 28 at PGICA. It is a wonderful way to make new friends
         and learn about PGICA.

         PGICA continually offers many opportunities for you. This month we have more concerts, classes, clubs and events
         happening. Please be sure to check out the calendar in The Commentator and online. Did you know PGICA has a
         Facebook page? Go to and click on the blue box, Find Us on Facebook. Be sure to like us on Facebook.

         PGICA continued to grow in January. Please welcome the following new members:
         James and Sally Katice                                 Ann Jones
         Gary and Susan Nichols                                 Carolyn Honour
         Vincent and Barbara Verdone                            Ed Disler and Kathy Wengel
         Jeffrey Kuhns and Caroline Wilkie                      Craig Schmackpfeffer and Nancy Brown
         Donald and Eugenia Jeffries-Baile                      Donald and Patty Ingle
         Edward and Catherine Campbell Grant                    Marilyn Herlin
         Timothy and Clair Bidus                                Norman and Linda Caparco
         Alan and Jerline Searle                                Edward Bennett and Judi Graziano
         Lisa Kellythorne                                       Dan Handy and Louise Kowalewitz
         Leo and Barbara Davison                                Guy and Diane Sharpe
         Elden and Diane Wick                                   James and Barbara Regan
         Lewis and Mary Springer
         John and Melinda LeMasters                                            PGICA New Member Reception
         Patrick and Stephanie Hencir Lamey                                         Wednesday, March 28
         James Stone                                                                         5 to 7
         Sandy Burns
         Greg and Judi Pearson                                                               PGICA
         Joe and Cami Fenton                                                     Call 941-637-1655 to reserve
         Lori Lane                                                                         your spot!
         Gary and Judy Telford

         PGICA Board Members…

         President                 Aaron Wagner                 Education                      Carol Duncan
         President-Elect           Frank Easby-Smith            Government Relations           John Miller
         President, Past           Debby Carey                  Member Activities              Barbe Koss
         Treasurer                 Ron Olsen                    Health, Safety/Welfare         Janet Lynn
         Secretary                 Carol Geiger                 Membership                     Cindy Morrell
         Center Administrator        Jack Gardner               External Relations             Steve Brown
         Planning/Development       Dan Kain
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