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THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                       Debby Carey, 630-995-0332,

                                Wow. It has been quite a year. I cannot imagine a year with more changes to an organization
                                than we experienced in 2017. But as I stated in my Annual Meeting State of the Association
                                address, we are going strong. Our members continue to support the efforts of the Board to
                                maintain the integrity of our mission. We had to make some tough decisions this year. Believe
                                me, none of them were made without serious and careful consideration. Many of you
                                questioned us. That is good. Those challenges keep us thinking. I hope we were able to
                                address your concerns; if not, keep asking.

                                The annual meeting was a great success. We had a great time. The current and future Board
                                members served over 160 meals to our guests. We recognized Bob and Struss Shirk, W.
                                Craig Esterly, and Ray Rose for their service above and beyond PGI. Bill Albers, John Dauster
                                and Randy Hall were thanked for their years of service to the board as they retired from the
              Debby Carey       Board. The highlight of the evening was the dedication of the Ray Rose Wing. I hope that
                                these examples of service will serve as a reminder to all of us that we have an obligation to do
         our part, whatever we deem that to be.

         As of this writing, we had 336 new members (November 9). I imagine by the time you are reading this, it will have gone
         up another 25 or so. We anticipated a decline in members after the dues increase. It has not been as great as predicted.
         We are still very healthy financially and continue to look for ways to increase opportunities to serve.

         This has been one of the best years of my life. I met hundreds of wonderful people, I found that team building solves a
         lot of problems, I got to participate first hand in City Government and I think I am leaving the Association in a good place.
         Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President.

         It is impossible to thank everyone that has helped me in my tenure in office, but here is the short list. Cindy Morrell,
         Membership Director, spent hours working with the data base designer to get it right. In addition to those hours, she
         planned and delivered on all the Every Member and New Member events. Carol Geiger, our secretary, completely
         revamped out Policy and Procedure Manual. Not an easy task with four different committees submitting new sections
         and the endless revisions. Barbe Koss worked tirelessly to get our photos into the paper. A job not as easy as it
         sounds. Carol Duncan spent hours securing speakers and instructors, and I think she has offered the best selections
         ever. Wait until you see what next year will bring. Bill Albers, Past President, served on any Committee he was asked. It
         turned out to be quite a few as we had a lot of traveling board members. Ron Olsen, Treasurer, helped us navigate the
         murky 501c3 regulations to stay within the law. John Miller had too many hats to label with just one thing. But his
         willingness to do whatever needed to be done was remarkable. His efforts on the legacy Plaque, chairing the Policy and
         Procedure Manual revisions, helping prepare the Annual Budget and stepping up to be Government Liaison must be
         applauded. Janet Lynn, in addition to her position as Health, Safety and Welfare Director, was always ready to step up
         to help. Frank Easby-Smith, Activities Director, stepped in to fill a retirement slot and hit the ground running. He was
         just elected President Elect, and I am excited to watch him continue to provide board leadership. Randy Hall, Center
         Administrator, helped us through our growing pains as we transitioned to paid facility maintenance staff. And finally,
         Aaron Wagner, President Elect. Aaron was new to the Board this year, but jumped right in and was a vital member of
         the team. I know he will capably lead this board as we continue to grow. Welcome to the Board of Directors, Dan Kain,
         Steve Brown and Jack Gardner. You have big shoes to fill.

         The office staff, past and present, has done a wonderful job of juggling hundreds of jobs each day. They answer so
         many demands with such grace. I don’t know how anything gets done with all the interruptions. Kudos to all: Beth,
         Marge, Connie, Regina and Dee. Job well done!

         These are exciting times. As the new Board prepares to take over the leadership of the Association, we are looking
         forward to some great things with fresh ideas. Yes, more changes are probably coming. But as Carol Rose so capably
         reminded us at the annual meeting, our entire purpose has changed. We used to be the enforcers of codes and
         regulations. Since the city took that over in 2004 and we are no longer doing that, we have to adapt our purpose and our
         mindset. Change is coming. So hang on to your hats and watch us continue to grow.

         Happy New Year.

                                                                PGICA Mission Statement
                                              “To enhance the quality of life in Punta Gorda Isles as a vibrant and
                                                              unique waterfront community.”

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