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THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                       Aaron Wagner, 941-916-9470,

                              Early in January, the board of directors called for a meeting of the president’s council. The
                              purpose of the meeting was to share information with all the presidents and the representatives
                              of our member clubs and groups regarding finances and policies that we must follow as a
                              501(c)(3) charitable organization. There are many things that need to be passed on with our
                              member groups each year when there is a transition year-to-year of officers and directors. Each
                              club needs to update our office annually with the names and contact information for their new
                              officers and directors. We also update our security measures annually to insure the building is
                              safe and secure for our members. For those who may not have attended the meeting or have
                              not sent us your 2018 contact information, please do so at your earliest convenience, to insure
                              our records are current.

           Aaron Wagner       The number of different activities and programs that go on at PGICA every month continue to be
                              quite varied and educational. I have selected the month of March as a classic example of what
         we as an organization have to offer. There are numerous card games, music and dance activities, exercise classes,
         weekly Weight Watchers meetings, the Dive Club, the Fishing Club, and even a John Denver tribute concert, to name a
         few. The full list is mind-boggling, but we do offer something for everyone. View our website and see for yourself just
         how many wonderful programs are available to you.

         City Manager Howard Kunik met recently with representatives of PGICA and Comcast to receive an update about
         Comcast’s efforts to clean up hanging and/or unsightly wires on the poles throughout the community. This project was
         started last year at the request of members of the PGICA Board of Directors. To date 140 locations in Punta Gorda Isles
         have been cleaned up and the company plans to secure the services of a contractor to work on the issue full-time. This
         effort should improve the appearance of our city and assist with the reduction of calls for service, outages and more.
         Further meetings will be held to report on the progress being made.

         Each year since Hurricane Charley, the PGIslanders have held an annual canal clean-up and this year is no exception.
         This year’s clean-up will take place on Saturday, March 24 from 9 to noon. They do allow flexibility with the schedule to
         accommodate the volunteers' schedules. While the PGIslanders sponsor this event, they are seeking the help of
         volunteers throughout our community and beyond from anyone who has a boat. The Punta Gorda Department of Public
         Works, which also supports the event, will supply trash bags for the clean-up. Let me personally congratulate the
         PGIslanders for sponsoring and coordinating this service on behalf of our city.

         The Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association is again participating in the Peterson Foundation Giving Challenge. We
         participated a few years ago and are doing the pledge again. Pledges of $25 to $100 received by the Punta Gorda Isles
         Civic Association from May 1 at noon to May 2 at noon will be doubled by the foundation.

                                                                   PGICA Mission Statement
                                                         “To enhance the quality of life in Punta Gorda Isles
                                                          as a vibrant and unique waterfront community.”

                           SUNSHINE LADY

                                 Adeline Seakwood
                                    575.0906 or

                              Call Adeline if you know of
                              anyone who is ill, has lost a
                            loved one, or is just in need of a
                               word of encouragement.

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