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ACBL DUPLICATE BRIDGE                                                     Mary Chupak, 941-575-1755,

                                                   Hi Sarah: I held this hand at our duplicate game: ♠A J 4; ♥Q J 3; ♦A Q 8
                                                   6 3; ♣6 3. As dealer, I opened the bidding with 1 Diamond. My left-hand
                                                   opponent passed and my partner bid 1 Heart. My right-hand opponent
                                                   passed and I struggled with my rebid. I didn’t want to bid 1 No Trump
                                                   because I didn’t have a Club stopper. I thought I needed 4 Heart cards
                                                   to raise that suit and 6 Diamond cards to rebid that suit. I finally decided
                                                   on 2 Diamonds. Partner held: ♠K 5; ♥T 9 8 6 4; ♦7; ♣A Q 7 5 4. I went
                                                   down one and we got a low board! What would your rebid be with these
                                                   cards? PB

                                                   A good friend told me that bridge is a game of decisions. The cards don’t
                                                   always fit what I know! But, with this hand, my rebid would be 2 Hearts. I
                                                   realize that I only have three, but at least we have a seven-card fit. If you
                                                   think partner will be upset, slide one of your diamonds over to the hearts
                                                   and find it when you lay the dummy down. Partners usually forgive bad

                                                   Please join us at 1 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for
        ACBL Duplicate Bridge. Share hands, comments, and questions with Sarah Robin,

         BRIDGE CLUBS                                                                     See Individual Clubs for Contact Information

         LADIES FRIDAY BRIDGE                                                                                                      Jane Stenberg, 954-612-3556
         September 1:            September 8:               September 22:               September 29:
         1 – Elaine Erickson     Due to Hurricane Irma,     1 – Brenda Wilmes           1 - Ruby Norris
         2 – Dot Gross           we didn't play.            2 – Elaine Erickson         2 - Julia Stromeckyj
         3 – Marjorie Rhodes                                3 – Pauline Tellier         3 - Melissa Brown
         4 – Brenda Wilmes       September 15:              4 – Sharon Biernat          4 - Elaine Erickson
                                 1 – Pauline Tellier
                                 2 – Carol Rose
                                 3 - Ruby Norris
                                 4 - Jeanne Hogan
         Congratulations to our winners. We meet every Friday at 12:15 p.m. Play starts shortly thereafter. All players are
         required to be members of the Civic Association. To join the Association, please call the front desk at 941-637-1655 or
         visit the Association’s website at and select “Membership”. If you wish to play and are not signed up,
         please contact Jane Stenberg, or 954-612-3556.

         MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE BRIDGE                                     Chris Taylor, 641-661-7092,

         September 4:                                                    September 18:
         1 – Jackie and Bob Whitaker                                     1 – Melissa Brown and Jeanne Hogan
         2 – Laurie and Jim Druyor                                       2 – Carolyn Brox and Lois Olsen
         3 – Jane Stenberg and Pauline Tellier                                   3 – Jackie and Bob Whitaker

         We play at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of the month. Anyone who is a member of the Civic Association is invited
         to join us. (Bring a partner.)

         If you wish to play and want additional information, please contact Chris Taylor at 941-661-7092,
         or Sharon Biernat at 941-833-4441,

         MEN’S SOCIAL BRIDGE                                           Randy Rosen, 941-661-6957,

         Please join us for Men’s Social Bridge Monday morning 9 a.m., to noon. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet some great
         guys, play bridge, and talk. We look forward to having you join us. Questions? Call Randy 941-505-4036.
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