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ACBL DUPLICATE BRIDGE                                                     Mary Chupak, 941-575-1755,
                         Hi Sarah: I held this strong hand at our club with ♠A 6 2; ♥Q J 5; ♦ 6 3 2; ♣A K Q 3. I opened the
                         bidding with one notrump and partner bid three notrump with ♠T 8 3; ♥A T 7 3; ♦A Q 4; ♣9 6 5. The
                         opening lead was the heart 6 and I planned my play. I had the spade ace, three top clubs, the
                         diamond ace, and with the lucky heart lead, four heart tricks. I pulled the heart 3 off the dummy, and
                         was surprised when east played the 2. I had to play the heart jack on the first trick. I now led the heart
                         queen, covered by the king and ace. My four heart tricks had now turned into three. The diamond
                         finesse failed and I ended up with eight tricks. Where did I go wrong?  D P

        When the opening lead comes down and I believe they are leading fourth best from their long suit, I use the Rule of 11.
        This is a mathematical rule that works like a charm. Subtract the number on the card from 11 to find out how many cards
        ranked higher than that one are in the other three hands. In this case, the lead was the heart 6. Eleven minus 6 is 5. I
        can see all five of them – A T 7 Q J. That means that I can take the first trick with the 7. I can come to my hand with a
        high club, and lead the heart queen for a finesse and pick up all the hearts. I have my nine tricks!

        A new event has been added to the February calendar! A team game will be held at 1 at PGICA on Sunday, February
        18. Make up a team of four and plan to have fun!

        Please join us at 1 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for ACBL Duplicate Bridge. Share hands, comments, and
        questions with Sarah Robin at

         BRIDGE CLUBS                                                                         See Individual Clubs for Contact Information

         LADIES FRIDAY BRIDGE                                                                                                         Jane Stenberg, 954-612-3556
         December 1:          December 8:           December 15:          December 22:         December 29:
         1 – Pam Brandt       1 - Sue Bennett       1 – Julia Stromeckyj   1 - Ruth Leturno    1 - Ruby Norris
         2 – Melissa Brown    2 - Marian Harkins    2 – Debra Charbonnet  2 - Mid Noble        2 - Dot Gross
         3 – Judy Dolan       3 - Lee Fullerton     3 - Marian Harkins    3 - Elaine Erickson   3 - Sue Bennett
         4 – Elaine Erickson    4 - Jeanne Hogan    4 - Pam Brandt        4 - Dee Hubertz      4 - Melissa Brown

         Congratulations to our winners. We meet every Friday at 12:15 p.m. Play starts shortly thereafter. All players are
         required to be members of the Civic Association. To join the Association, please call the front desk at 941-637-1655 or
         visit the Association’s website at and select “Membership”.

         If you wish to play and are not signed up, please contact Jane Stenberg at or 954-612-3556.

         MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE BRIDGE                                              Chris Taylor, 941-661-7092,
         December 4:                                            December 18:
         1 – Jackie & Bob Whitaker                              1 – Elaine Erickson & Yvonne Heer
         2 – Marian Harkins & Chris Taylor                      2 – Carolyn Brox & Lois Olsen
         3 – Lila Jameson & Mid Noble                           3 – Marian Harkins & Chris Taylor

         We play at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of the month. Anyone who is a member of the Civic Association is invited
         to join us. (bring a partner)

         If you wish to play and want additional information, please contact Chris Taylor at 941-661-7092 or,
         or Sharon Biernat at 941-833-4441 or

         MEN’S SOCIAL BRIDGE                                                 Randy Rosen, 941-661-6957,
         Please join us for Men’s Social Bridge Monday morning 9 a.m., to noon. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet some great
         guys, play bridge, and talk. We look forward to having you join us. Questions? Call Randy 941-505-4036.

         ROUND ROBIN BRIDGE GROUP                                                        Catherine & Charles Eliason,
         We invite all bridge players to join our fun group. We are an active couples bridge club where two pairs meet in a
         member’s home approximately twice a month. We are flexible. Any two friends are welcome to participate as a “couple.”
         Games begin in November and must be played by the end of February. You arrange the time which is convenient to you
         and your opponents, so if you are a snowbird, or gone for an extended period, your games can be scheduled for when
         you are here. We end the season with a luncheon and awards ceremony. If you like to play rubber bridge, come and join
         us! If you have questions or wish to participate, please contact Cathy or Charlie Eliason, 941-621-4579 or
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