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ACBL DUPLICATE BRIDGE                                                     Mary Chupak, 941-575-1755,

                              Hi Sarah: I held this hand in the 2016 Instant Matchpoint game: ♠9 8; ♥none; ♦A K J T 9 6 4 3 2;
                              ♣K 6. Partner opened the bidding with 1 Heart. The next player passed and I bid 2 Diamonds. A
                              pass by my left-hand opponent was followed by 3 Clubs from my partner. I now bid 3 Diamonds
                              and partner rebid 3 No Trump. I was terrified that she wouldn’t have an entry to my hand and so
                              I rebid 4 Diamonds. Partner passed. 4 Diamonds made 5 for a bottom board for us! Should I
                              have passed 3 No Trump or bid 5 Diamonds?   P F

                              Your partner’s hand was ♠K Q 2; ♥A Q J 9 8; ♦7; ♣Q 8 3 2. There are so many decisions to be
                              made in a bridge game! You don’t want to ask for aces since you have a void in the hand. With
        9 diamonds in your hand, I think you should place the contract. My choice would be to bid 5 Diamonds.

        Please join us at 1 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for ACBL Duplicate Bridge. Our Christmas luncheon will
        be at noon on Friday, December 15. Bring a hardy appetite and a dish to share. If you have an exciting hand, send it to
        Sarah Robin

         BRIDGE CLUBS                                                                     See Individual Clubs for Contact Information

         LADIES FRIDAY BRIDGE                                                                                                      Jane Stenberg, 954-612-3556
         October 6:                     October 13:                       October 27:
         1 – Elaine Erickson            1 - Brenda Wilmes                 1 – Jeanne Hogan
         2 – Melissa Brown              2 - Jane Stenberg                 2 – Pauline Tellier
         3 – Ruby Norris                3 - Elaine Erickson               3 - Julia Stromeckyj
         4 – Maggie Kessler             4 - Ruby Norris                   4 - Elaine Erickson

         Congratulations to our winners. We meet every Friday at 12:15 p.m. Play starts shortly thereafter. All players are
         required to be members of the Civic Association. To join the Association, please call the front desk at 941-637-1655 or
         visit the Association’s website at and select “Membership”. If you wish to play and are not signed up,
         please contact Jane Stenberg - or 954-612-3556.

         MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE BRIDGE                                     Chris Taylor, 641-661-7092,

         October 2:                                                      October 16:
         1 – Polly and Gene Engebrecht                                   1 – Laurie and Jim Druyor
         2 – Laurie and Jim Druyor                                       2 – Carolyn Brox and Lois Olsen
         3 – Melissa Brown and Jeanne Hogan                                   3 – Polly and Gene Engebrecht

         We play at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of the month. Anyone who
         is a member of the Civic Association is invited to join us. (Bring a partner.)

         If you wish to play and want additional information, please contact Chris Taylor at 941-661-7092 or or Sharon Biernat at 941-833-4441 or

         MEN’S SOCIAL BRIDGE                                           Randy Rosen, 941-661-6957,

         Please join us for Men’s Social Bridge Monday morning 9 a.m., to noon. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet some great
         guys, play bridge, and talk. We look forward to having you join us. Questions? Call Randy 941-505-4036.

         ROUND ROBIN BRIDGE GROUP                                                        Catherine & Charles Eliason,
         We invite all bridge players to join our fun group. We are an active couples bridge club where two pairs meet in a
         member’s home approximately twice a month. We are flexible. Any two friends are welcome to participate as a “couple.”
         Games begin in November and must be played by the end of February. You arrange the time which is convenient to you
         and your opponents, so if you are a snowbird, or gone for an extended period, your games can be scheduled for when
         you are here. We end the season with a luncheon and awards ceremony. If you like to play rubber bridge, come and join
         us! If you have questions or wish to participate, please contact Cathy or Charlie Eliason, 941-621-4579 or
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