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MARINERS OF PGI    Susan Hills, Vice Commodore, 941-286-3452,

                                 Where on a sailboat
                                 are you most likely to
                                 find an angel? An
                                 “angel” is another
                                 term for an anchor
                                 kellet or sentinel. This
                                 is a weight that is
         suspended from the anchor rode, some distance
         down from the bow, between the looser part of the
         rode and the sea bottom. This increases its
         holding power. It also provides slack to absorb the
         strain caused by gusts and waves, especially
         when there is no room to let out sufficient scope.

         With Hurricane Irma behind us, our membership
         is back to cruising and enjoying social activities

         There were a variety of lunch cruises in October
         to Callaloo, Burnt Store Marina, and the very
         popular Elks Club. Several members enjoyed a
         cruise to Stump Pass for a picnic, as well as a
         sunset dinner cruise, to Laishley’s Crab House.   Kip Conner, Patti Conner, Debra Kalitan, Crystal Mankin

                                                                                            A long distance cruise
                                                                                            took participants to
                                                                                            Sarasota, stopping at
                                                                                            Venice on the way up and
                                                                                            at Palm Harbor on the way

                                                                                            As always, October held
                                                                                            social activities. Breakfast
                                                                                            with the gals was enjoyed
                                                                                            at Punta Gorda’s Burg’r
                                                                                            Bar. A group of our female
                                                                                            members headed for a
                                                                                            beach day in Boca

                                       Dinner at ‘Tween Waters

         Our annual picnic welcoming back our
         snowbirds was held at Ponce Park.
         Everyone enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs
         and brats, along with all the fixings.

         If you are looking for a friendly and active
         boating group, we invite you to stop by and
         visit with us. Our weekly happy hour get-
         togethers are held every Wednesday at 5:30
         p.m. at the Village Fish Market in
         Fisherman's Village. You can also check us
         out on our website at or contact our
         Membership Director at

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