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MARINERS OF PGI    Susan Hills, Vice Commodore, 941-286-3452,

                                 Rum punch is a favorite among sailors when the sun is over the yardarm. Here is a delightful
                                 little verse to help you remember the proportions of different ingredients in rum punch:

                                      One of sour
                                      Two of sweet
                                      Three of strong
                                      And Four of weak

         Rum punch can be made in various ways, but this ditty helps you recall the basics:

              One part of lime juice (sour)
              Two parts of sugar syrup or sweet juice, like orange or pineapple (sweet)
              Three parts of rum (strong)
              Four parts of water or any lighter juice (weak)

         Our snowbird members have returned, and our welcome back picnic was well attended. With 131 members enjoying
         food, drink and a beautiful sunset at Ponce Park. Thanks to the great volunteers who manned the grill and the buffet

         Pickleball is back on our calendar, with those long time players, and those wishing to
         learn the game, meeting every Thursday evening at Gilchrist Park.

         Several boats headed to the sandbar near Boca Grande for a picnic. They anchored
         near the sandbar, and three of the boats rafted together as the gathering spot for the
         picnic. The others came by dinghy from their anchored boats to join the group.
         Some even braved the cooler water temperature to swim or just cool off wading in
                                                                the shallow water.

                                                                November lunch        Boca Grande picnic cruise
                                                                cruises included two
                                                                to Laishley Marina, with the participants eating at Dean’s
                                                                South of the Border and Laishley Crab House. A lunch
                                                                cruise up the Peace River to the Elks Lodge was well
                                                                attended. Going a little farther afield, Mariners enjoyed
                                                                lunch cruises to Miller’s Dockside Restaurant at Boca
                                                                Grande, and Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island.

                                                                There was an overnight cruise to Pelican Bay, which is
                                                                always a popular destination for an anchor out. Exploring
                                                                the trails on the island, shelling on the beach, and
                                                                swimming were just a few of the fun activities on this

          Lunch at Dean’s South of the Border

         Our last Sunday of the month raft up on Sunset Lake
         always draws a crowd to eat, drink and tell tales of our
         boating adventures.

         Eight of our female members met for breakfast at Bella’s
         Bistro. The weather was perfect for enjoying the outdoor

         If you are looking for a friendly and active boating group,
         we invite you to stop by and visit with us. Our weekly
         happy hour get-together is held at 5:30 p.m. every
         Wednesday at the Village Fish Market in Fishermen’s
         Village. You can also check us out on our website at, or contact our Membership
         Director at
                                                                               Lunch at Dean’s South of the Border
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