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MARINERS OF PGI       Wayne Sharp, Vice Commodore, 612-867-3017,

                                It is nice to finally get
                                past that cold                                              Don Pedro Island Cruise
                                January weather and
                                the Bomb Cyclone
                                that produced frigid
                                temperatures in many
                                parts of the country.

         The Mariners started out the New Year with six
         boats anchored off Don Pedro Island,
         celebrating the last of 2017 and the beginning of
         2018 with good Mariner friends.

         The cold weather did not keep one hardy
         Mariner couple from going on a lunch cruise to
         Harpoon Harry’s on January 6, even though the

         Don Pedro Island Cruise

                                                                  cruise was cancelled and others came by car! A few
                                                                  other cruises were cancelled or delayed as well.

                                                                  We also had January lunch cruises to Barnacle’s Island
                                                                  Resort, Cabbage Key, Hurricane Charley’s and
                                                                  Laishley Crab House, and an anchor-out at Don Pedro

                                                                  Several Mariner women met at John Ski’s House of
                                                                  Breakfast & Lunch for Breakfast with the Gals.

         Our annual Change of Watch was
         held at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht
         Club to honor our 2017
         Commodore, Chuck Pohle and the
         board members, and to show
         support for the incoming board
         members. This is always a great
         event with good food, dancing, and

         If you are looking for a friendly and
         active boating group, we invite you
         to stop by and visit with us. Our
         weekly happy hour get-together is
         held at 5:30 p.m. every Wednesday
         at the Village Fish Market in
         Fishermen’s Village. You can also
         check us out on our website at, or contact
         our Membership Director at      Harpoon Harry’s Cruise

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