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DIVE CLUB                               Judy Minier, 941-979-7316,,

                                         What exciting and exotic places would you desire to travel to in order to view
                                         fantastic creatures under the sea? The island of Bonaire in the Caribbean? The
                                         Red Sea in Egypt? Or somewhere nearby in Florida like Key West, Crystal River,
                                         Ginnie Springs, or our favorite Blue Heron Bridge near West Palm Beach? Our
                                         members are very happy to see April arriving, which signals the start of an active
                                         diving season. The hurricanes and cooler weather are behind us, so our Dive
         planning committee is busy looking at these locations and more for remarkable dive sites to encounter.

         This month’s article features photos of small and unusual creatures taken in Bonaire
         a few years ago – a pygmy seahorse, a crab, a spotted and frilly nudibranch, and a
         pair of sweetlips. We can only hope that dive conditions and the health of the reefs
         are still good as our club explores plans to visit the Caribbean again soon. The
         Caribbean Club on the north side of Bonaire has well organized facilities for divers
                                                  among the many possible dive
                                                  operations on the island. Luckily, we
                                                  have discovered there are direct
                                                  flights from Miami to Bonaire, so the
                                                  motivation is high to organize an
                                                  excursion there.

                                                  Did someone mention Egypt? One of our members is actually heading to
                                                  dive in the Red Sea this summer, and for those who’ve not been there,
                                                  envy abounds. Among the dive sites at Sharm el Sheikh and Hergata are
                                                  probably some of the best dive sites in all the world. In late summer we
                                                  will enjoy some fabulous stories and delightful pictures of this grand trip.
                                                  Wish we could all join in!

                                                  We continue to learn more about our state as diver’s share stories of trips
         to Williston (Devil’s Den) and Ginnie Springs where one can dive in fresh water caverns and springs. There was a lot of
         interest in making a day trip to one these freshwater areas to have the chance to explore some “cave” diving in pristine
         conditions. Apparently, the visibility is incredibly clear in freshwater sites when compared to salt water experiences in the
         oceans. Who knew adventure could be so close to us. And the always favored Key West is also in the offing as several
         members are plotting to dive there in a month or so.

         Besides the diving opportunities, our social committee has been active, too.
         We had a fun and well-organized annual St. Patrick’s event held this year at
         the PGI Civic Association pavilion. The combination potluck and barbecue
         was well attended and a great time had by all. We plan to share the
         pictures of the fun social next month.

         What is the purpose of our Club? We exist to promote the scuba diving
         interests of our members (40 and counting), regardless of the diving skill or
         experience one may have. If you have an interest in diving, please join us
         at our monthly meetings. We convene on the fourth Thursday of each
         month at 7 p.m. at the PGI Civic Association. Our next meeting will be
         March 22. At last month’s meeting we raffled off some dive gear which
         meant some lucky folks went home with really nice equipment and dive
         gear and our club raised a little cash for upcoming events. Come to our
                                               meetings and see what we are all about. Sometimes there are surprises and
                                               new videos or slide shows to enjoy.

                                               In addition to our regular monthly meetings, you can join us at the Tiki Hut on
                                               Charlotte Harbor behind the Sheraton Four Points Hotel for an informal get
                                               together. We congregate at 5:30 on the second Thursday of each month.
                                               You’ll know us by our divers’ name tags as we relax on the sandy area in the
                                               Adirondack chairs or at the picnic tables. We are always happy to meet
                                               fellow divers who enjoy conversations about diving and who also might know
                                               about special dive equipment, far-flung or worldly dive experiences, or
                                               underwater photography.

                                               Please also check out our website, for information
                                               about the Club, see photos, and locate the membership application form                                                                       14
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