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PGI BOWLERS                                                                                                 Mike Fauci,

                              The first half of the Shorebird Bowling league’s season ended on Jan 8, which was a “Position
                              Night.” That’s where the first place team bowls against the team in second. The team in third
                              bowls the fourth place team, etc. It was a pretty exciting finish. There was an 11 point differential
                              between 1  and 4  place teams with 8 points available. The final standings were Purple Martins
                              (80), Albatross (72), Pelicans (70), and in fourth, the Spoonbills (65).

                              The second half of the season started on January 15.

                              We usually need substitute bowlers every week, so if you’re interested please contact Mike. We
                              bowl every Monday. After a short warm up period we promptly start bowling at 3. You do not
         need to have your own equipment. Balls and shoes are available at the alleys.

         The alleys are Bowland, 3192 Harbor Boulevard, Port Charlotte.

         For additional information please e-mail Mike Fauci (Hawks) at

                                            Albatross                                          Purple Martins

                                           Spoonbills                                                Pelicans

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