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SEAFARERS CRUISING CLUB         Harry Ensley, Commodore,,

                                November is coming up. The hurricane season is almost behind us and most of the snowbirds
                                are back. Also, it is time for the Seafarer’s Regatta. More on that later. The summer and fall
                                has been very kind to Punta Gorda. It was
                                hot, very wet, and we got a real scare with
                                Hurricane Irma. Irma caused major damage
                                to the PGI seawalls with about a 15%
         failure rate but, for the most part, PGI was spared major property
         damage. We were very fortunate. Unfortunately, other parts of the
         state were not as lucky.

         October was a busy cruising month for the Seafarers. We returned
         from a three to five day cruise at Tween Waters Resort and Marina
         early in the month and had a three day cruise to South Seas Resort
         late in the month. We also had a lunch cruise to Leverock’s
                                                                    Restaurant between the two overnight cruises. Our
                                                                    non-boating events included dinner and a rousing
                                                                    game of “bar bingo” at the Cass Cay Restaurant at
                                                                    Burnt Store Marina in addition to our usual Happy

                                                                    Our largest boating and social event of the year is
                                                                    the Seafarer’s Regatta which is held annually on the
                                                                    first weekend of November. As is our custom, the
                                                                    Vice-Commodore is in charge of making sure that
                                                                    the Regatta is an enjoyable experience for all who
                                                                    attend. This year, Vice-Commodore Peter Fucini,
                                                                    and his wife Amy, have chosen “the 60’s” as the
                                                                    theme of the Regatta. We hope to have 30 boats and
                                                                    100 attendees at the event. In mid-November, we
         will have a lunch cruise to Captain Con’s on Pine Island for some of their fantastic seafood chowder.
         PGI Seafarers enjoy the company of many active members planning and participating in our fun boating and land
         adventures. If you would like to
         see if our boating group is for you,
         join us for our Happy Hour on the
         second and fourth Thursday of
         each month at St. Andrews South
         from 5 to 7 p.m. or come to our
         general meeting held at the
         PGICA on the fourth Tuesday of
         each month. If you have decided
         you want to join us, contact our
         Membership Chair, Gayle Clark at

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