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SEAFARERS CRUISING CLUB           Peter Fucini, Commodore,,

                                The new year is upon us. Taking down the tree lights and decorations has marked the end of
                                the Christmas and New Year celebrations, for now. We got to see the attic one more time, ‘til
                                next year.

                                There is a new board in place and we are working hard to make this year better than the last.
                                New people always bring new ideas and some of the old ideas are being expanded upon. We
         are doing our best to reach out to all of our members. We will need your help, support and attendance at some, if not all
         of the events. Your input is important in making this club a success.

         The upcoming events and cruises
         include some favorite locations. It’s
         not just the boat ride to and from, it’s
         also what you see when you get
         there. An example would be our lunch
         cruise to the Nav-A-Gator Grill. There
         are exhibits, artifacts from our early
         history and shopping. You can take
         an airboat ride to an almost forgotten
         part of our past. There is a town that I
         didn’t even know existed. Check it out
         for yourself.

         The cruise director, Gary Cameron,
         works hard to find new places for us
         to go. If he can’t find new ones, he
         works to make the experience better
         than the last. I believe these trips will
         enable each of us to learn more
         about one another.

         Legacy Harbor Cruise, the last for January, was a new destination for me and my wife. The proximity and limited space
         also allowed members to come by car and join in on the fun.

                                                 Upcoming February cruises include the ever-popular South Seas Marina
                                                 at Captiva Island, one of my favorites.

                                                 If you do not belong to a boating club in PGI and may be interested in the
                                                 Seafarers, come to one of our general meetings the last Tuesday of the
                                                 month at the PGI Civic Association. Better yet, come to St. Andrews
                                                 Country Club on the second and the fourth Thursday of the month for our
                                                 meet and greet social. Learn about us firsthand, up close and personal.

                                                 That’s it for now. I look forward to seeing every one of you soon.

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