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PGICA RECOGNITION PROGRAM                                                           Ed Zapke,

                                                          “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final boarding call for flight
                                                          ………………” We have all heard this announcement at some
                                                          point in our lives. Hopefully, when you heard it, you were buckled
                                                          into your seat, your bags were stored overhead, and you had
                                                          already begun to close your eyes. If this is you, then you have
                                                          already thought long and hard about nominating some deserving
                                                          individual to be recognized by PGICA for their contributions to
                                                          our community, filed your paperwork, and returned the necessary
                                                          information to the PGICA Center.

                                                          Or are you still running through the terminal, hoping to get to the
                                                          gate before it closes? The deadline for filing nominations is
                                                          Monday, October 2. This is an absolute deadline. Nominations
                                                          received after this date will be considered for the following year.
                                                          Due to a varied delivery schedule for receiving the Commentator,
                                                          some of you will not read this until after the deadline. If you have
                                                          spent the time nominating someone but will most likely miss the
         deadline, please file the forms even though they are late. Your nominee will receive full consideration next year.

         The Recognition Committee knows there are deserving people out there who have not been nominated. If you have not
         taken the time to recognize their efforts on behalf of our community, you have missed the plane. Our next available flight
         will be in approximately twelve months.

         At this time I would like to thank those who have completed nominating forms for the Class of 2017. Your time and
         consideration have helped PGICA in their effort to recognize those who have made a difference. Now sit back, relax, and
         enjoy the upcoming season.

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