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SEAFARERS CRUISING CLUB         Harry Ensley, Commodore,,

                                The writing of this issue is clouded by reports of Hurricane Irma preparations. By the time you
                                read this issue we are either breathing sighs of relief or hard at work recovering. I’m hoping for
                                sighs of relief! This year we instituted a “Help Event” where Seafarers could sign up to give or
                                get help from their fellow Seafarers for tying down boats. We had several people volunteer to
                                help and I think that it will become a welcome feature of the Seafarers in the future, but
                                hopefully, unnecessary!

                                                                  The Seafarers had two cruises in September; one to
                                                                  South Seas Resort and Marina on Captiva and the
                                                                  other to Tween Waters Resort. We also had a visit to
                                                                  the Visani Comedy Club which provided many laughs
                                                                  and relief from heat and summer doldrums.

                                                                  October promises to be even better. The weather will
                                                                  begin to cool down and Halloween decorations will be
                                                                  everywhere. Several nearby marinas will have
                                                                  Halloween activities including boat decorations. Check
                                                                  out their websites to see what they have going on. We
                                                                  have a lunch cruise planned to Leverock’s Restaurant
                                                                  in Placida and later in the month a three-day cruise to

         Pink Shell Marina in Ft. Myers.

         Much of October will be spent getting ready for
         our November 3 - 5 regatta. Vice Commodore
         Peter Fucini and his wife, Amy, have selected
         ‘The 60’s’ as the theme for this year’s regatta.
         We are looking forward to lots of fun. There is
         still time to join our club and enjoy the regatta

         We Seafarers enjoy the company of many
         active members planning and participating in
         our fun boating and land adventures. If you

                                                                       would like to see if our boating group is for you,
                                                                       join us for our Happy Hour on the Second and
                                                                       Fourth Thursday of each month at St. Andrews
                                                                       South from 5 to 7 p.m., or come to our general
                                                                       meeting held at the PGICA on the fourth Tuesday
                                                                       of each month. If you have decided you want to
                                                                       join us, contact our Membership Chair, Gayle
                                                                       Clark at

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