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                                                                                  Ken Fish, 941-421-2681,

                                         Our mission is to provide social opportunities. Our goals are to make friends,
                                         participate, learn, and enjoy life.

                                         As September nears, those of us who have hung around to enjoy the summer
                                         weather begin to think about three things. First is that hurricane season peaks this
                                         month so we need to keep our emergency supplies well stocked. Second is that we
                                         hope to see temperatures moderating and humidity dropping. Third is that we will
         see a trickle of our “snowbird” friends coming back to PGI which signals the beginning of another “season.”

                                                                              Over the summer several activities were
                                                                              continued. Meet and Greet, Dine Around,
                                                                              Ladies Lunch Out, and Food and Friends
                                                                              were scheduled and by all reports well
                                                                              attended. We certainly have members
                                                                              enjoying activities throughout the summer
                                                                              months. Mah Jongg has continued on a
                                                                              regular basis.

                                                                              Speaking of Mah Jongg, this is one of
                                                                              those activities which keeps moving along
                                                                              with little fanfare. Susan Berger
                                                                              coordinates this activity and reports she
                                                                              has a mailing list of 40 people. The
                                                                              weekly Wednesday session is held at the
                                                                              PGICA building and is open to all
                                                                              Floridian members. Up to 24 players have
                                                                              attended on Wednesday. Each week on
                                                                              Sunday, players meet in private homes.
                                                                              These sessions have a limited number of
                                                                              players and reservations are necessary.
                                                                              Susan sends out the announcement and
                                                                              coordinates arrangements. Thank you,
                                                                              Susan, for providing support for this
         activity. Contact Susan Berger, 941-639-2330, if you have interest in the weekly Wednesday and Sunday sessions.

         The schedule for September activities is as follows:

         September 7  Meet and Greet, 5 p.m., Sheraton Four Points
         September 11 General Meeting, 5:30 p.m., at PGICA, Taco Night
         September 13 Lemon Bay Theater, TBA,
         Darlene Rosen
         September 19 Dine Around – House of Prime
         September 25 Ladies Lunch Out – Burnt Store
         Grill, Darlene Rosen, 941-505-1492
         September 28   Food and Friends, TBA Betty
         Peterson, 941-639-0599

         Joyce Gleason reports that Movie Time is
         being scheduled for October 25. Watch for
         more information on the return of this popular

         This month’s pictures are from the “Cook out/
         Eat in” event which was held in June. We had
         a great turnout of over 60 people. Special
         thanks to the cooks who braved the storm to
         prepare the delicious burgers and knockwurst.
         Thanks to Darlene for coordinating the activity.

         Want to join Floridians, contact Rolf Simonson
         at and enjoy life.

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