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MEMBERSHIP                                                                                    Cindy Morrell,

                                                             Happy September! Summer is NOT over here at PGICA, the
                                                             place is “sizzling” with activity. Whether you are here or away,
                                                             I hope you are enjoying a summer season filled with family,
                                                             fun and adventure.

                                                             I’ve had the opportunity to welcome several of our new
                                                             members. I’m always interested to hear how they “came” to
                                                             PGICA. This past month I met a fellow who had been at a
                                                             Fourth of July neighborhood gathering. He met new friends
                                                             who were all members of Clubs here at PGICA. The folks
                                                             were so much fun he joined PGICA!  Are you inviting your
                                                             neighbors to join our Association? PLEASE DO! Word of
                                                             mouth is our best advertising. Please share your
                                                             Commentator with new neighbors or leave a copy at your
                                                             Doctor or Dentist Office.

         Calling all members – Please volunteer! The best way to make friends is to get involved. PGICA offers many
         opportunities to volunteer. Call the office to volunteer for a variety of jobs, from being a Board Member, staffing the office
         or preparing the Commentators. Consider taking an active role in your PGICA Club or Group.

                                              Mark your calendar, the PGICA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday,
                                              November 7 at 7 p.m.

                                              PGICA will host a New Member Reception Wednesday, October 25 from
                                              5 to 7 p.m. If you have never attended a New Member Event please come. Call
                                              941-637-1655 to reserve a spot.

         I’m excited to welcome these new members who joined in June and July.

         Don and Lee Baar                                       Horst and Ute Hasiba
         Bill and Cheri Baker                                   Jim and Cynthia Lanza
         Steve and Denise De Berandino                          Jerry Maschka and Jennifer Jepsen
         Neil Cenese                                            Karen McInerney
         Robin Clifford                                         Yarel and Alexis Morales
         Walter and Janet Crickmer                              Dennis and Pamela Moritz
         Gary and Valerie Duryea                                James Pase
         Roland and Collette Ericsson                           Eugene Panzi
         David and Carol Fisher                                 Maureen Pollack
         Lois Flanagan                                          George and Joyce Rudat
         Richard and Janie Gallagher                            Bob and Dee Swickert
         Jeremy and Michelle Gwaltney

                                    COFFEE WITH THE PGICA BOARD
          September heralds the return of this activity. Join the PGICA Board for coffee and conversation on
          the second Friday of each month at 9 a.m. in Room #4. This is an informal gathering of members
          of the Board and Association members. The purpose is to share concerns and put forth
          suggestions. All members are welcome to attend.

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