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THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                       Debby Carey, 630-995-0332,

                                It is hard to believe that it is September already. I hope you all enjoyed your summer. Those of
                                you returning this month have probably noticed the new houses under construction in the
                                Isles. Each of these homes represents the opportunity to make someone feel welcome.
                                Inviting them to stop in and see what we are all about is a great way to help them get
                                acquainted with our community.
                                As we grow, we continue to rely upon our front desk volunteers. It is one of the best ways to
                                learn about the Association and meet new people. No experience is required; we provide all
                                the training you will need. There are many other opportunities. In December, we will be looking
                                for volunteers to assist with the decorating of our tree and the facility. The Lamplighter
                                volunteers help decorate the rim canal for our great PGICA Saturday Before Christmas Eve
                                Boat Parade. Most opportunities require very little time, but all are essential to the continuing
              Debby Carey       success of the PGICA. If you want to help, contact Dee Hall in the office. Start your new
                                season back in the Isles with a volunteer job.
         As you know by now, our beloved Ray Rose died this summer. Later in this issue, you will find more about Ray and his
         role in the Association. But here I want to bring you up to date on one of Ray’s major contributions, mailing The
         Commentator. Thanks to Ray’s leadership and efforts over the years, The Commentator usually arrived on the first day
         of the month. When Ray died, it became necessary for us to make changes in the handling and mailing process. We are
         trying to make the necessary adjustments to the processes so that we can get our issues to the handlers early enough
         to get it out in the same timeframe. We ask your patience as we work through this. We greatly appreciate the efforts of
         our writers, editors, photographers, publication staff and the group that assists with the collating and tabbing to make
         these adjustments. We would be at a tremendous disadvantage without the efforts of our entire team. We may have to
         ask for additional help in some of these areas, so watch your email blasts for notifications to learn how you can help.

         I send a special thank you to our members that brought their flags in for proper disposal. They were delivered and will be
         disposed of appropriately. We will continue to be a drop off for worn out flags as long as there is a need. Let’s keep our
         flags flying and in good shape.

         Note: Be sure to check out our new and improved website. Our Webmaster, Betty Cochran, has done a fantastic job. It
         is now mobile device friendly, as well.

         PGICA Board Members…

         President                 Debby Carey                   Education                     Carol Duncan
         President Elect           Aaron Wagner                  Government Relations          TBD
         President Past            Bill Albers                   Member Activities             Frank Easby-Smith
         Treasurer                 Ron Olsen                     Health, Safety/Welfare         Janet Lynn
         Secretary                 Carol Geiger                  Membership                    Cindy Morrell
         Center Administrator        Randy Hall                  Marketing & Public Relations    Barbe Koss
         Planning/Development       John Miller

                                                                PGICA Mission Statement
                                              “To enhance the quality of life in Punta Gorda Isles as a vibrant and
                                                              unique waterfront community.”

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