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ROAD RUNNERS RV CLUB                            Ellen Say, President, 941-505-9605,

                                         Summer is almost over and Road Runners are returning or planning their return to
                                         Punta Gorda. Over the past several months, many of them have been out and about
                                         enjoying our country. Here's a sample of the reports on how some of the Road
                                         Runners spent their summer:

                                         Road Runner #1 - Traveled through at least twenty states. We visited family in
                                         Illinois and Colorado in route to the Northwest and Canada. Enjoyed the scenery in
                                         Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies. Went to Vancouver, British
                                         Columbia, before traveling down the West Coast.

                                         Road Runner #2 - Enjoyed scenery in the Adirondacks in New York. We were in
                                         Lake Placid for the Fourth of July and participated in the parade in a 1930 Ford.  Our
                                         travels continued through Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

                Road Runner #3 – This year our summer road trip took us through the midsection of country as we headed
                toward Bainbridge Island, Washington. Stayed in a quiet evergreen-lined RV park (Cedar Glen) in Poulsbo,
                Washington, to spend time with grandchildren. Enjoyed nearby sights and scenery - towns along the Juan de
                Fuco and Puget Sound, hiking in Olympic Peninsula forests, ferried from Port Angeles to Victoria, British

                                                    Road Runner #4 -
                                                    Stayed in Punta Gorda
                                                    to do some tiling in their
                                                    home.  In August, a trip
                                                    was made to view the
                                                    solar eclipse in
                                                    Townsend, Tennessee,
                                                    near Cade's Cove.

                                                    Road Runner #5 - Spent
                                                    most of the summer in
                                                    the Outer Banks and
                                                    Chesapeake Bay area.
                                                    Entered a "Big Boot"
                                                    contest to benefit the    Dave
                                                    Watermen and
                                                    Waterwomen of
                                                    Chesapeake Bay.

                                                    In general, everyone had
                                                    a great summer touring
                                                    North America. At least
                                                    two of our members
                                                    have shared information
                                                    about their purchase of
                                                    new RVs this summer.
                       Lake Placid Parade           We can’t wait to view
                                                    their purchase and hear
                                                    about the adventures.

                                                    As the Road Runners return to Florida, some will spend a few days (or
                                                    more) at a favorite Florida State Park - Topsail Hill Preserve - near
                                                    Destin. The preserve has more than three miles of white quartz sand
                                                    beaches with majestic dunes standing over 25 feet tall. It also has a top
                                                    -rated RV park with many facilities - a great place to end summer
                                                    travels and maybe run into other Road Runners.

                                                    Do you want to know more about our travels? Our first monthly meeting
                                                    of the season is on Thursday, October 12 at 7 p.m. at the Civic
                                                    Association building. There will be lots of chatter about what everyone
                                                    did this summer.

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