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MEET THE PGICA BOARD OF DIRECTORS                 Debby Carey, 630-995-0332,

         Welcome Frank Easby-Smith to PGICA Board of Directors in the position of Director, Member Activities.

         Frank, a retired oil company engineer, shared that he and his wife Karen, a retired educator, moved to PGI from Texas in
         April 2014, after living part time on their sailboat at Marco Island for several years. Knowing no one in PGI except for
         their realtor, Frank and Karen immediately joined Newcomers, Just for Fun, Floridians, and the PGIslanders clubs to
         meet new friends. From their initial involvement with these clubs, their circle of friends began to grow and has continued
         to grow, as they became more involved with the community. In 2015, Frank was named President of the Just for Fun
         Club and Vice-President of the Newcomers Club. Then, in 2016, Frank moved up the ladder to serve as President of the
         Newcomers Club. Frank states, “Our involvement with these clubs and their members, continues to reaffirm our decision
         to move here, and reminds us of just how special PGI is. When we aren’t visiting with friends and neighbors, we enjoy
         traveling, bicycling, sailing, and a host of other hobbies.”

                               Meet Dee Hall, New Administrative Assistant

                               A native of Cambridge, MA, Dee moved to Vermont in 1977, along with her husband Rod.
                               They raised 2 daughters who kept Dee very active with Girl Scouts, ballet classes, drama
                               classes, horseback riding lessons, etc.!  In Vermont, Dee worked for a local mental health
                               center for 14 ½ years.  After moving to Florida in 1998, Dee worked for 11 years as an office
                               manager in a Real Estate office and almost 5 years at the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
                               office with Regina Buckley.  Rod and Dee have enjoyed boating, bird watching, walking and
                               biking in our wonderful paradise!

           The PGICA Loaner Program
           Many of you know that we have an extensive assortment of items available through the loaner program. We invite
           you to drop by and see just what all is there. We can provide many items for your grandchildren: strollers, bicycles,
           pack and plays, booster seats, highchairs, life jackets, swimmers and car seats. We check each item so you get
           clean and current articles to use. Of course, it helps if you bring it back clean. We also have many post-surgical aids.
           This includes shower chairs, crutches, wheelchairs and all styles of walkers.

           These items are available for no charge to all current members of the Association. All you have to do is check in at
           the front desk, verify your membership, and go ”shopping.” Once you have selected your items, tell the front desk
           volunteer what you are taking, and they will sign those items out to you.

           The rules are simple. We ask that you keep your loan to 30 days or less, especially during season, and return it in
           the same condition it was in when you borrowed it. Should something happen to the item while you have it, please
           let the desk volunteer know, so we can repair it before returning it to the storage area.

           As you know, our space is very limited. It is a testimony to Beth and Marge’s organizational skills that the area holds
           the amount it does. We do rely upon donations to keep the program going, but because of space limitations, don’t be
           offended if we cannot accept your item.

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