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ROAD RUNNERS RV CLUB                            Ellen Say, President, 941-505-9605,

                                               The Road Runners' final trip before summer was to Rainbow Village RV
                                               Resort in Largo. This trip was hosted by Gene and Charlene Burns with
                                               planning assistance from Ray and Linda Corrette. The following is a recap of
                                               the trip from Charlene:

                                               We had a great time visiting the Dale
                                               Chihuly Glass Museum, St. Petersburg.
                                               What a brilliant artist to envision such
                                               wonderful glass sculptures. Dale Chihuly's
                                               work is featured all over the world. He has
                                               sculptured glass for the canals of Venice,
                                               Italy, and over one million people turned
                                               out to see his creations in Jerusalem.
                                               Afterwards we attended a glass blowing
                                               class at the Morean Arts Center. Marcia
                                               and Tom Lundberg almost came home
                                               with a beautiful glass blown sea turtle.

                                    The following day we saw the Salvador Dali Museum
                                    where a docent tour provided much needed details
                                    regarding his paintings. The newer building housing the
                                    collection is also a great attraction. A geodesic dome
                                    overlooks a panoramic view of Tampa Bay. Architect
                                    Yann Weymouth designed a rectangle with 18-inch
                                    thick hurricane-proof walls out of which erupts this large
                                    free-form glass bubble known as the Enigma. It stands
                                    75 feet at its tallest. This is a homage to the dome that
                                    adorns Dali's museum in Spain. Make sure to check out
                                    the helical staircase. Amazing.

                                    We found two great
                                    restaurants that you will
                                    need to visit in the area:
                                    400 Beach Seafood
                                    and Taphouse, 400
                                    Beach Drive NE, St.
                                    Petersburg and the Pub
                                    Waterfront Restaurant,
                                    20025 Gulf Boulevard,
         Indian Shores.

         We are so lucky to live in Punta Gorda with great sites
         and restaurants to visit within a short driving distance.
         The Road Runners just gotta have fun.

         If you are traveling across the United States as are
         many of our Road Runners, you may be interested in a special event occurring this summer. On August 21 a total
                                                                   eclipse of the sun will arc across the country from
                                                                   Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina, in a
                                                                   70-mile-wide ribbon. Outside of this path, the rest of
                                                                   the country will experience a partial solar eclipse.
                                                                   Check the website to
                                                                   get more specific information on locations and time of
                                                                   day as well as guidelines for safe viewing. The next
                                                                   total solar eclipse visible in the United States will not
                                                                   occur until April 8, 2024.

                                                                   Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday, October 12
                                                                   at 7 p.m. at the Civic Association building. If you are
                                                                   interested in RVing and would like to hear more about
                                                                   our travels, come join us.

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