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SEAFARERS CRUISING CLUB         Harry Ensley, Commodore,,

                                 Well, we have been hoping for rain for a long time and now the “rainy season” is upon us! Not
                                 only are the lawns turning from brown to green, but some of our boating activities have had to
                                 be rescheduled. Since the weather didn’t look so great this week, I took my boat to Fort
                                 Myers for its annual service. It also happens to be the 1000-hour service. I was supposed to
                                 make the trip earlier in the week but rain, fog, and high winds delayed that until Friday. The
                                 weather was great on Friday and we had a very pleasant ride down the Intercoastal
         Waterway. I just hope the service and the trip
         back are as uneventful as the trip down.

         Our trip to the Waterside Grill had to be delayed
         for three days to avoid winds of almost 30 mph.
         The weather calmed down a few days later and
         the trip was very pleasant. Twenty Seafarers
         made their way to the Waterside Grill by boats,
         jet skis, and land yachts. We had no overnight
         cruises in June but we did have two lunch
         cruises: one to the Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island
         and the other to Cass Cay at the Burnt Store

         In July, we will spend the Fourth of July watching
         the fireworks display at Fort Myers from Salty
         Sam’s Marina. The two-day stay will give us a
         good chance to celebrate Independence Day the

                                                                      way it was meant to be celebrated – on a boat,
                                                                      with a drink in our hand, and surrounded by other
                                                                      boaters. Later in the month we will have a lunch
                                                                      cruise to the Fishery Restaurant in Placida.

                                                                      The Seafarers are an active boating club who
                                                                      enjoy our fun on and off the water. If you would like
                                                                      to see if our boating group is for you, join us for our
                                                                      Happy Hour on the second and fourth Thursday of
                                                                      each month at Saint Andrews South from 5 to 7
                                                                      p.m., or come to our general meeting held at the
                                                                      PGICA on the fourth Tuesday of each month. If
                                                                      you have already decided you want to join us,
                                                                      contact our Membership Chair, Gayle Clark at

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