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                                      Suddenly, it is summer in Punta Gorda. The signs are all there – only one trip around
                                      the parking lot at Publix and you usually find a spot. You no longer have to make a
                                      reservation a week in advance at your favorite restaurant. Even our roadways seem to
                                      be sighing in relief.

                                      Don’t get me wrong, we do miss our friends who have traveled north. During the winter
                                      months, the hustle and activity downtown is special. Good people having a good time.
                                      We are so fortunate to have such an active community and excellent restaurants.
                                      Speaking of which, now is the time our city businesses really need the “locals”. If you
                                      are here for the summer, take advantage of what Punta Gorda has to offer.

        One of the constants here in PGI is our Civic Association. Although many clubs and activities are on hiatus, the building is
        open and functioning. This wonderful benefit to the community is made available through our volunteers. These people,
        who are our neighbors and friends, give back their time and effort to make this a year round hub of activity. Why not join
        them? Now during the quiet time, is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet. Chances are good that PGICA already
        offers an activity for you – so join. If the activity is not available think about starting one. Finally, unlike many of us, our
        needy don’t go away for the summer. They are out there and need our help – volunteer.

        Become one of the many involved and concerned residents of PGI who continue to feel the need to give back. These are
        the people the ‘Recognition Committee’ seeks to honor. PGICA has a program to recognize those who have made a
        difference. Please take the time to nominate someone from your club or activity.

        Candidates will be evaluated based on the extent of their volunteerism and the importance and long-term impact of their
        contributions. Only current and former residents of Punta Gorda Isles are eligible. Current members of the Board of
        Directors of PGICA are not eligible.

        Please take a look at those who you believe have made a difference within our community. Then, take the time to
        nominate someone who you believe deserves recognition. Forms are available at the PGICA.

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