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                                                                                  Ken Fish, 941-421-2681,

                                         Greetings Floridians and potential Floridians. Enjoying food and friendship
                                         continues to be the mainstay of our club’s social functions. This was again evident
                                         when we had an excellent turnout for our annual picnic at the Civic Association site.
                                         The picnic was catered by the Smoke House with good food for all to enjoy. By
                                         holding the event in April, we get to mingle with many of our snowbird members
                                         before they leave. The special event in April was a visit to the Butterfly Sanctuary in
                                         Fort Myers. Dine Around was held at Visani where members had a great meal and
         stayed for the show.

         As mentioned earlier, the leadership team
         continues to think of ways to make it easier for
         us to enjoy life. Some changes were
         mentioned last month and more are in the
         works. A significant change will be
         implemented immediately. Our once a month,
         second Monday, membership meetings will be
         moved to 5:30 p.m. All meetings will have a
         food component. Some meetings will be
         purely social while others may include
         speakers or activities.

         For the remainder of 2017, the following
         schedule of membership meetings has been
         June – Cook Out/Eat In
         July – No meeting
         August – No meeting
         September – Taco Night
         October – Octoberfest Meal (Bring your favorite beer)
         November – Game Night and Annual Meeting
         December – Holiday Party at Isles Yacht Club

                                                                          Other activities such as Food and Friends,
                                                                          Dine Around, Ladies Lunch Out and Ladies
                                                                          Lunch Bunch will be scheduled by the
                                                                          coordinators. Movie Time, Special Events and
                                                                          Men’s Lunch Out will be suspended for the
                                                                          summer and start again in October. Meet and
                                                                          Greet will continue throughout the summer at
                                                                          the Four Points Sheraton.

                                                                          Our May meeting was scheduled to have a
                                                                          presentation on the use of the website and
                                                                          calendar. The goal is to have all our events on
                                                                          the calendar for all to see. You will then be
                                                                          able to sign-up for events on the website.
                                                                          Thanks to Pat Jones for coordinating this
                                                                          major project.

         Toni Dorman has agreed to consider the formation of a new book club in November.

         We hope you noticed that the look and format of our Pineapplegrams has changed. Judy Burger has been working on
         the new look. Thanks Judy.

         When you get the June Commentator, most of our snowbird members will have migrated. For the year round members,
         we will settle in for the afternoon thunder shower, hopefully, and checking the weather channel for the tropical
         depressions forming off the coast of Africa. But most important we will get the two-for-one specials and no waiting in

         Remember Floridians is here to help you enjoy life. If you are interested in membership, please contact Rolf Simonson

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