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Louise Blagoev, 941-833-4355,
                                                   Jeanne Maillet, 941-637-0256, joeandjeanm@
         MahJongg is a fun way to enjoy a Monday afternoon with friends. Come join us at noon in Room 2 any Monday the
         building is open. If you have questions, please contact Louise or Jeanne.

          IN STITCHES                                                       Norma Angus 941-575-1049,  Debbie Scholtes 941-347-7044

                               The Knitting Elves in our In Stitches Group produced a bright and colorful display with some of
                               their creative talents this Holiday Season. If you had the opportunity to stroll by Hector House
                               Plaza between December 1 and January 11, or were shopping at the Farmer’s Market on
                               Saturday mornings, you would have been treated to their work. Look for bigger and better next

         EUCHRE CARD GROUP       Brad Gamblin,  / Nancy Gamblin

         The Euchre Card Group has decided to cancel for the summer.  We will return again the Fall.

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