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ROAD RUNNERS RV CLUB                            Ellen Say, President, 941-505-9605,

                                               Summer is here. And just like kids with no classes in the summer, Road
                                               Runners have no summer meetings or organized trips planned. Many of us
                                               head off for summer adventures--some to homes or regular destinations in
                                               New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, etc. Others
                                               head out for trips across the US and Canada to visit family and friends along
                                               the way or just to see the sights in our beautiful country. This fall we will
                                               enjoy hearing about each other's adventures.

                                               While on
                                               our summer
                                               travels, we
                                               never know
                                               when or
                                               where we
                                               may find
        Road Runner. What a delight to pull into a campsite and
        find we are parked next to a fellow Road Runner! If you
        are doing some traveling, you too may see us along the

                                                                         way - in highway rest areas, tourist spot
                                                                         parking lots, shopping centers, etc. You can
                                                                         identify us by the Road Runner license plate on
                                                                         the front of our RVs. If you find us, stop by and
                                                                         say "hi".

                                                                                  Our next monthly meeting is on
                                                                                  Thursday, October 12 at 7 p.m. at the
                                                                                  Civic Association building. If you are
                                                                                  interested in RVing and would like to
                                                                                  hear more about our travels, come
                                                                                  join us. We enjoy meeting new
                                                                                  people and have a full schedule of
                                                                                  trips and activities planned for next

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