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SEAFARERS CRUISING CLUB         Harry Ensley, Commodore,,

                              The winds have kept up most of May but we Seafarers have continued to take advantage of the
                              water while attending lunch cruises and overnights. We are blessed with our fabulous Harbor, a
                              large number of local marinas and anchoring destinations. In the words of that famous
                              American, Yakov Smirnoff, “What a country!”.

                              Most of the snowbirds have flown the coop and are back in more moderate climes. Now our
         full timers will continue to take advantage of the water and sun with our friends and fellow boaters.

         Only three boats made the cruise to Palm Island because
         of the high winds and predicted rain. We did have high
         winds, but the rain came only on one night when we were
         all tucked away on our boats. Other than that, the weather
         was fine. The weatherman gets a D for that forecast. Our
         group size actually doubled from Seafarers using their land

                                                                yachts to travel to Palm Island in order to join us for
                                                                dinner at Rum Bay Restaurant. The water taxi ride and
                                                                the delicious food makes Rum Bay the highlight of any
                                                                trip to Palm Island.

                                                                Our other boating activities in May were the raft-up in
                                                                Sunset Lake and the lunch cruise to the Waterside Grill.
         In June, things will get a little slow since the weather will get hot and the rainy season begins (hopefully), but we have
         two lunch cruises scheduled. One of the cruises is to the Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island and the other is to Cass Cay
         Restaurant at the Burnt Store Marina. The water approach to Tarpon Lodge can be a little tricky because of shallow
         water so, if you have a big boat, hitch a ride on one of the smaller, shallow draft boats. Many of our fellow members are
         happy to share rides.

         The Seafarers are an active boating club who enjoy our fun on and off the water. If you would like to see if our boating
         group is for you, join us for our Happy Hour on the 2  and 4  Thursday of each month at St. Andrews South from 5 to 7
         p.m. or come to our general meeting held at the PGICA on the 4  Tuesday of each month. If you have decided you
         want to join us, contact our Membership Chair, Gayle Clark at

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