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 New - Play Reading Group

Sherry Campbell Bechtold, sherrynewday@gmail.com

Spring-boarding from the successful play presentation, Love Letters held at the Civic Association in March, Sherry Campbell Bechtold is forming a new play reading group within the Association.

Individuals who have been involved in theatre in the past (or now), and theatre lovers who would like to learn more about “putting on a show” will be welcome.

Select scenes as well as complete works of classics to contemporary playwrights (Oscar Wilde to Sam Shepard) will be chosen. Both comedies and dramas will be featured. Participants will be assigned parts to read, explore development of a character, and will also take part in discussing how the work would be presented: staging, lights, sound etc. And the role of stage manager and other jobs in the theatre will be considered.

We currently meet at 3:30 p.m. Mondays, although the time and day can be changed to accommodate the schedule of those who are interested. Please contact Sherry at sherrynewday@gmail.com.