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JFF - Just for Fun JFF - Just for Fun.

Kerry Foscardo


What is JFF besides a pink flamingo with sunglasses and flip-flops?  We’re a social group of energetic friends who enjoy having a good time and giving back to the community while we’re at it.  Some of us are still working and looking forward to retirement; some of us have already retired and are looking forward to no work.  But one thing we all have in common: we like to chill out, lighten up and have fun!

We also like to stay busy, so we pack the calendar with lots of fun and crazy events.  We have TGIFs, dinners, luncheons, socials, and anything else that strikes our fancy (Did you know there’s a National Margarita Day?  Well, we didn’t either, but the minute we found out, we threw together a margarita party. Now that’s carpe diem with a rim of salt!).  On a more sober, ahem… note, our awesome Reading Group and artistic and educational outings provide food for the mind, while our charitable events provide food for the soul.

Now that was quite a list, but we have one more thing to add.  Each month, we have a party—a big one that is often themed and always outrageous.  Examples you say?  How about a 1920s Speakeasy complete with secret door, passwords, the Charleston, and Tommy guns—fake, of course.  We don’t mix bathtub gin with heavy metal. We’ve celebrated Mardi Gras with king cakes, crawfish, and a parade; had a scavenger hunt dressed in black and white; and played the Newlywed Game while tasting wine. 

JFF says, “That’s the Way I Like It” when they “Play that Funky Music” as we are “Staying Alive” in beautiful PGI.
For questions, contact Jane Stenberg at 954-612-3556 or ronjane1@hotmail.com