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PGI Floridians

PGI Floridians


Whether you have just planted your feet in PGI or call yourself a perennial, we invite you to take a look at membership in PGI Floridians. Any paid-up member of the PGICA is eligible to join any of the various clubs sponsored by the Association. Individuals are welcome to join the Floridians without prior membership in any club within the association. Some individuals select a cruising club, a fishing club and a social club such as the Floridians - there is no limit.

For more information on our group or to make plans to attend one of our Club functions, visit our website at www.pgifloridians.org. Rolf Simonson, our Membership Chair, will be happy to arrange for you to attend one of our functions. His contact information is 920-946-4067, or rolfsimo@gmail.com

Membership - http://www.pgifloridians.org/Membership.htm