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Meek Geeks

Meek Geeks 

Meek Geeks” – computer club or what?

A quick explanation of who we are and what to expect.

The “Meek Geeks” replaced the PGICA Computer Club several years ago when the meeting format changed from general discussion to a more instruction focused event. Attendees are encouraged to discuss problems or ask questions.

The purpose of the Meek Geeks is to raise funds for PGICA tech equipment and provide updates, trends, tips, advice, and problem resolution to the PGICA membership. Generally speaking we are a group of new to intermediate (and forgetful) technology users. Originally we focused on Microsoft XP computer activities and looked at programs and shortcuts. Today with the blending of devices and operating systems, we cover a multitude of products and activities. We still have Windows as our central focus but include other activities such as networking, the cloud, digital photos, HDTV, streaming, etc. Most of our programs are based on current digital related news, member experienced problems, how they were resolved, member questions and new device and program releases. Hopefully in the end, we have enriched your computer experience and reduced your frustrations trying to figure out how they interface with your other devices. Our chief technical resource is: “Google the problem” to find an answer!

Attendance at our program meetings ranges from 40 off season to 80-100 in season.  All PGICA members are welcome to attend. Prior to each meeting a program notice is sent to all on our notification lists. After the program an easily opened PDF version of the program is sent out to those on our email list.  We currently have over 350 on our distribution list. To be included just send your name and email address to esorrose@msn.com. (Note to old timers: If you did not get the September program your name may have been dropped due to computer problems. Request to be added once more).

If you attend meetings on a regular basis please pay the $10 annual fall to spring meeting season “dues”.  All collected dues are used to support PGICA computer and tech projects. All our materials and expenses are donated so 100% of your dues are donated to PGICA.  If you only come once or twice you are our guest. Those receiving PDF programs who do not attend our meetings are not expected to pay dues.

Please join us the third Monday 7 p.m. September through June in the PGICA Auditorium.