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The President's Message

PGICA 2017 President, Debby Carey

Debby Carey,

May, 2017

Dear Fellow Members,

Last month we had another wonderful celebration. Close to 300 people attended Beth’s farewell party. Beth was presented a plaque that will hang in the west wing of the Association. She was also presented a check from our members. We had a marvelous time and I must thank all the folks who made it happen. Cindy Morrell was our party planner extraordinaire. She assembled a team of members that really made the day fun for all. For those of you who attended please note that everyone you saw working were all volunteers: the servers, the bartenders, the parking lot attendants and the cleanup crews. Struss Shirk and her team made all the fabulous table decorations. The Board of Directors turned out in force to help with the party and we hope you enjoyed it.

This is also John Magnin’s last issue of The Commentator. We thank John for all he has done during his six years with the publication. As you know, John was the primary photographer for the covers. We will be soliciting photos from all of you, so keep those beautiful photos in your viewfinder and watch for instructions on where to send your photographs.

I was privileged to be invited to the Neighborhood Marine Watch (NMW) appreciation picnic. Bill Guenther and his team do a wonderful job protecting our canals with night missions. They can certainly use some fresh faces and I hope you will consider dropping Bill a line (radioman3029@comcast.net) to let him know if you have interest in helping. The City of Punta Gorda has one Marine Officer and one boat to patrol miles of canals. Obviously our NMW is an asset to the City, and they know it. Thanks to all who serve.

Did you know there is a Waterfront Property Owner’s Guide?  It is available on the City’s website. I urge you to read it. We have several serious issues facing us as a waterfront canal community. Our seawalls are taking more and more abuse from increased traffic and speed of motor craft through the canals. Our canals are either a minimum or no wake area. That means there should be no huge waves off your boat as you navigate our waterways, and certainly not the wakes I see on a daily basis as boats motor past my house. This is for two reasons. The seawalls hit by heavy wakes suffer erosion and have to be replaced more often. The second one is that we do have sea life in our canals the same time of year the canal usage is up. They cannot get out of the way of fast moving boats. Learn the rules. Don’t think that your one trip down the canal at a high speed won’t matter because the guy behind you may be going just as fast. Canal speeds are not the same as open water speeds. Respect our beautiful ecosystem.

May is going to be an interesting month for us in the Association. First, Regina and Dee have joined our staff, and I know many of you will stop by to welcome them to our PGICA family. Despite all the changes, I feel strongly that we are moving forward in a positive manner. As the area continues to grow, PGICA will continue to be the heart of the community. We continue to look for ways to improve and increase our presence in the city of Punta Gorda. I am looking forward to building on our already positive growth and hope you will let me know if you have any ideas.

A personal note: five years ago, when I decided to run for a leadership position in the Association, I had no idea that I would be given the honor of serving as your President. It has been an eventful first few months. You have no idea how much I appreciate the kind words and letters of appreciation I have received. I am lucky that this year’s board is working as a team for the good of the Association. So for all of you that have given me hugs and thanked me for my efforts, please know that the entire board is with me on these endeavors and deserve your thanks as well. But feel free to keep the comments coming.

2017 PGICA Board Members
President Debby Carey
President -Elect Aaron Wagner
President-Past Bill Albers
Treasurer Ron Olsen
Secretary Carol Geiger
Center Administration Randy Hall
Planning/Development John Miller
Education Carol Duncan
Government Relations Ray Rose
Member Activities John Dauster
Health, Safety/Welfare Janet Lynn
Membership Cindy Morrell
Marketing & Public Relations Barb Koss

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