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The President's Message

PGICA 2017 President, Debby Carey

Debby Carey,

June, 2017

Happy June!

We are enjoying the slower months now as our friends from the north have departed. Thanks to the efforts of Beth Magnin, Regina and Dee have completed the transition period and are fully entrenched in the day-to-day operations of the Association.

At the May City Council meeting, I listened as various people presented their opinions on the assessments for the project known as the Alligator Cut. There are some who feel that the entire Isles area should pay for it because in the long run we all benefit. There are numerous examples of the entire area paying for items that make the city a better place to live, even if one never uses them. e.g. the bike paths, the dog park and the playground.

On the other hand, there are those who maintain that only areas that benefit from the cut through should pay for it. Believe it or not, there are laws governing how a municipality can decide if a property benefits. A lawyer from Tallahassee gave a very complete presentation on this. I can see both sides. What troubles me is this: when the first meeting was held at the Isles Yacht Club there was a standing room only crowd. Once the pronouncement was made that only the area impacted by the cut would be the ones that paid, the crowds diminished and interest in it died down.

Now the City is rethinking its position and hearing arguments that we should all pay. Since permitting seems to be stalled at the Federal level, it could be some time before the first phase of construction begins. City Council will have time to sort this out. The Association is not going to take a stand on this matter. We will invite interested parties to explain and educate us as the decision process goes on. In the meantime, write your Council members and let your voice be heard. We live in a vibrant waterfront community; how do we decide who pays?

Another similar issue concerns canal security cameras. The Association formed a committee to look into canal security after some boats and motors were stolen. The committee found that the benefits of a security camera system would benefit the entire Isles area. The main benefit to our canal residents would be a recorded history of boats in the area in the event of a theft. The police department could go back through the video and look for suspicious activities. The cost of these cameras is well beyond the capability of the Association. The City is not interested in funding them. So again we face a hard choice. And again I ask, who pays for it?

Your Association is also asking the FWC to look into the health of Charlotte Harbor. Our Fishing Club has noticed that there seems to be a decided decline in fish available for the sport fishers. As many of us moved here for the Harbor and the boating and fishing that it offered, it seems only prudent that we let our FWC know of our concerns. If you share this concern, contact your local representative.

If you have an opinion on these issues, I urge you to let one of your PGICA Board members know. Come to a coffee with the board, email or call me.

2017 PGICA Board Members
President Debby Carey
President -Elect Aaron Wagner
President-Past Bill Albers
Treasurer Ron Olsen
Secretary Carol Geiger
Center Administration Randy Hall
Planning/Development John Miller
Education Carol Duncan
Government Relations  
Member Activities Frank Easby-Smith
Health, Safety/Welfare Janet Lynn
Membership Cindy Morrell
Marketing & Public Relations Barb Koss


PGICA Mission Statement
“To enhance the quality of life in Punta Gorda Isles as a vibrant and
unique waterfront community.”

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