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The Giving Challenge/ Busting at the Seams - Status Report        

 John Miller - 505-5035

Last fall many of you generously donated to our fundraiser to pay for improvements to our facility.  Through the Community Foundation of Sarasota and their Giving Challenge Program, your donations allowed us to raise $84,000 to use towards PGICA’s “Busting at the Seams” project. Following is a summary of the many improvements we were able to make with these funds. 

The biggest part of the project was to remove walls in our classrooms and install movable partition walls.  This change has given us more classrooms and much more flexibility in how the rooms can be used.  The cost was $24,100.

Classrooms were further enhanced with A/C control for each room at a total cost of $5,100. New hard surface flooring, costing $4,425, was added in rooms 4 & 5, along with new conference tables and chairs in room 4 for $6,261. 

We finished this portion of the project with new large screen smart TV’s in rooms 1 and 4, and one other TV on a portable cart, to be used where needed ($4,000 total). This figure includes Wi-Fi, electrical upgrades and improved connectivity in all rooms.

These rooms are now able to accommodate many types of events from small card groups to small meeting groups (10-20 people), or larger meetings or seminars of 30-125 people. There is also great space for arts and crafts or health and exercise programs.

The total cost of these completed improvements is $43,886, and is well within our projected campaign budget as advertised throughout the fundraising period.

Several other improvements that are still in process, but will be completed in the next few months include:

Theater and presentation lighting in the auditorium $10,000
Three sets of glass double doors in the archways between the auditorium and the lobby $15,000
Kitchen upgrades (appliances and cabinetry)   $  8,000
Solid core doors for all of the class rooms (5) $  1,500
Total use of funds for these projects is:  $78,386
Funds remaining:  $ 5,614

These improvements enhance our flexibility of use and help to expand our capabilities for the membership. A big “thank you” to all of you who helped us not just to meet, but exceed our initial goal!