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Cindy Morrell

Membership New Members Are Joining

Cindy Morrell, Director

June, 2017

June is an exciting time for PGICA. We welcome Regina Buckley and Dee Hall to the helm of our exciting and fast-moving ship, but remember we are ALL called to lend a hand in keeping us “Full Steam Ahead.”

Only half of the residents of PGI are members of our Civic Association. Please share the good news about PGICA with your neighbors and friends. In addition to receiving the Commentator magazine, all members are welcome to participate in the myriad of clubs and activities offered. We have the Lending Locker open to all members to borrow needed equipment free of charge. Each week classes and lectures are offered on many different topics.

As a welcome to our community, NEW MEMBERS are offered one free round of golf at Saint Andrews South Golf Club. Beginning June 1, new members joining PGICA will be offered a FREE BRUNCH at the Isles Yacht Club! These generous membership incentives will offset the initial annual membership fees to PGICA. THANK YOU, Saint Andrews South and Isles Yacht Club!

In addition to all of the social benefits offered at PGICA, our organization continues to represent you and your community in local government. Punta Gorda Isles was established as a “Deed Restricted Community” when it was opened for sales. Under Florida law, deed restrictions expire 30 years after initial sale unless renewed by the controlling body, currently the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association. In 1995 the decision was made NOT to renew the deed restrictions but to work with the City to incorporate unique community standards in the City Code. As a result of this decision, Punta Gorda Isles is now identified as a “Special Residential Overlay District” that contains special land use regulations to preserve the original values of the Isles in addition to the general city code. This is a much stronger standard since these codes are enforced by the City and include provisions for the former deed restrictions which have expired in many portions of the Isles. Your Association continues to actively work with City Staff and Leadership to maintain our quality of life and to ensure standards are maintained.