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Cindy Morrell

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Cindy Morrell, Director

May, 2017

Welcome May Flowers! May is really the beginning of summer here as the temperatures rise and the population decreases. April was a fabulous month in PGI, beginning with a festive Retirement Gala for Beth and John Magnin. Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the day so very special. Beth and John will be leaving us a “leaders,” but we hope they will join the ranks as MEMBERS. We hope to make many more PGICA memories with them.

On April 11, PGICA said thank you to all of our volunteers with a Springtime Luncheon. Our organization is staffed by many volunteers. Girls and Guys, Gifted Gator, Lamplighters, Marine Watch, Christmas Parade, Commentator and Front Office to name a few. If you are not yet volunteering, please considering sharing your time with PGICA.

We hope you are inviting and encouraging your neighbors to join our organization. We offer many opportunities and we represent our community in local government. Spring means “So Long to Snowbirds” but we welcome new members who joined in March.