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Government Liaison

June, 2017

Have you heard of “Away From Home”?
The Away from Home Program is an invaluable courtesy service offered by the City of Punta Gorda to its residents. The primary purpose of the Away from Home Program is to offer vacationing, seasonal, and year-round residents the reassurance that if a problem exists at their property such as suspicious activity, utility emergencies, or other emergency conditions, the resident or their designated key holder can be contacted expeditiously.

Members of the Punta Gorda Police Department’s Volunteers on Patrol may also conduct periodic house checks on your home while you are away and immediately notify you or your designee of any problems or concerns at your residence. Participants can provide contact information for themselves or a key holder which will enable the Police Department to more quickly remedy emergency situations. 

It is important to note that the Away from Home Program is not intended, or designed, to replace home security systems or other security services. Rather, it is a courtesy service designed to further protect your home and enhance the Police Department’s ability to rapidly respond to, and remedy, an emergency at the homes of our residents. To enroll go to:

If you have not done so already sign up for “CODE RED,” the reverse emergency notification system, while on the city website.

June is the start of hurricane season. We have been fortunate we have not been impacted for several years but we are vulnerable and must prepare well in advance. Prior experience has shown as a hurricane approaches there will be a run on supplies, shutters may take longer to install than expected, and decisions to stay or evacuate must be made. If you decide to stay, remember storm surge is the greatest threat to PGI and exiting may be impossible. After the storm, it may be three days before travel is practical.

Finally, new construction continues throughout the Isles. In addition to new homes, there is an assisted living facility pending review to be built at Bal Harbor and Socorro adjacent to the plaza.