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PGICA's magazine is published monthly except August, for a total of 11 months. It is mailed to PGICA member's homes at the end of the month preceding the issue. This is an excellent way to advertise to approximately 2,550 households. 

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Display Ad Policy

Contact: Connie Merritt - 941-637-1655 or  conniemerritt@pgica.org

Camera ready art is to be submitted to The Commentator by the 7th of the month for the following month's issue. Digital ads in a jpeg or pdf format may be emailed. Ad resolution should be 300 dpi. 

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Note: Because PGICA mails the Commentator using the bulk rates for nonprofit organizations, advertising from travel or insurance businesses is restrictive. Please contact your sales representative or PGICA office, 941-637-1655 for details.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

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Contact: Connie Merritt – (941) - 941-637-1655 or conniemerritt@pgica.org

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ANNOUNCEMENTS and FOR SALE ADS will be accepted – PAID IN ADVANCE – on a month-to-month basis. ALL other ads will be accepted only on a quarterly basis or longer – with payment for 3, 6 or 11 months IN ADVANCE. All ads must be submitted with payment (checks made payable to the PGICA). The Commentator is not published in August.

Classified ads can be submitted via email to conniemerritt@pgica.org . If you email, your name and/or company name, address, and phone number must be included.

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A written ad is not necessary if the ad is a repeat ad from a previous month or quarter. Payment is due at the time of submission. The finished ad and payment must be received by the PGICA office 2001 Shreve Street, Punta Gorda by the 7th of the month preceding the publication month.

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Non-Profit Ad Policy

Connie Merritt  (941) 637-1655 or conniemerritt@pgica.org

If your organization is interested in placing an ad in our monthly newsletter, The Commentator, please contact Connie Merritt  - (941) 637-1655 or conniemerritt@pgica.org

The PGICA will provide one free ad per calendar year (Jan. to Dec.) to any 501 C (3) non-profit organization located in the City of Punta Gorda. The requesting organization must provide camera ready art by email to conniemerritt@pgica.org by the 7th of the month for the following month's issue. The digital ads are to be in a jpeg or pdf format and the ad resolution should be 300 dpi.  Layout and placement of the ad in The Commentator will be based on space availability at the time and at the discretion of the Editor.

Thereafter, all non-profit ads will be placed in accordance with our published pricing policy.

Note to Commentator Article Contributors

Contact: editor.pgica@gmail.com

All submissions for The Commentator need to be in the editor's hands by the 7th of the month preceding publication.

If any additions or substitutions are made after submitting the material, please resend it in the updated version to eliminate possible errors. Articles are to be sent via email to: editor.pgica@gmail.com

Commentator Workshop Presentation

What Is PGI Shops Punta Gorda?

PGI Shops Punta Gorda is a program designed to increase patronage at local business while giving PGICA members a discount. A win-win plan! (How did it get started)

For Participating Businesses

This program is designed to encourage PGCIA members to patronize local business* by offering PGICA members, upon showing their PGCIA membership card, a 10% discount or some other specified benefit. A list of PGI Shop Punta Gorda participating businesses is made available to PGICA members.

For PGICA Members - Show your PGICA Membership Card & Save

List of businesses participating in the PGI Shops Punta Gorda Program - Please remember to show your PGICA MEMBERSHIP card at the beginning of any transaction, when you plan to ask for the discount.  Thank you

*Shop Punta Gorda First by Carol Rose  April 29, 2007

At the April 17, 2007 meeting, the Board of Directors of the Punta Gorda Civic Association Board formalized our policy of purchasing goods and services from local businesses whenever possible.  The policy states,

Whenever possible PGICA will give first consideration to our advertisers, Shop Punta Gorda, and local businesses in purchasing goods and services and encourage our groups and members to do the same.  These procurements must be competitive and provide satisfactory service.

Almost all of the businesses advertising in the Directory and Commentator are local. This advertising income not only covers the cost of printing and mailing the Directory and Commentator but helps us pay expenses.  Please use advertisers when ever possible.  Tell them you saw their ad in the Commentator and/or Directory.  Thank you.

PGI Shops Punta Gorda Idea

Isles group says Shop Punta Gorda

Author:    Dan Mears, Business Editor
Date: December 8, 2004
Publication: Charlotte Sun (Port Charlotte, FL)

The Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association is getting behind a member's project designed to increase patronage at local businesses while giving Isles residents a price discount. Nick Carsillo, who has been an Isles resident for only a year, brought the "Shop Punta Gorda" concept to the association and has been trying to sell it to local businesses. The idea is to supply the nearly 4,500 members of the PGI association with a discount card giving them 10 percent off whatever they purchase at participating stores and shops.

"It's a win-win situation," said Pat Warden, an association director. "The card holders get a discount and the retailers get the business and an advertising mention in our monthly newsletter, the "Commentator.' "

PGI Association President Ray Rose, in a letter to local businesses, said the discount cards could aid business owners and the entire community escape the post-Hurricane Charley doldrums.

"We feel that keeping our dollars on this side of the bridge will play a large role in aiding in a speedy recovery for everyone," Rose wrote. "We really like the prospects of this becoming a major factor in Punta Gorda's financial recovery."

Carsillo said a similar program worked well on Marco Island, where he lived for 17 years after retiring from Engelhard Corp., an Iselin, N.J.-based technology company.

"They put it in place eight years ago," Carsillo said of the Marco Island Civic Association, " and it's still going strong." Ninety-two businesses participated in the 2003-2004 discount program on Marco Island, Warden said. "Many went beyond the 10 percent in the off season," Carsillo said, "up to 15 percent. It kept the flow of business going very well."

Marco is different from Punta Gorda in that during the off-season, only 30 percent of the island's population remains, Carsillo estimated. In Punta Gorda, he said, some 60 percent of the population is in residence year-round.

Carsillo has become a tireless advocate for the project. He said 14 businesses have responded so far and representatives of Burnt Store Isles, The Meadows and Seminole Lakes have expressed an interest in the program.

"He knows more people in the short time he's been here than I do in more than eight years," Warden said. Still, Carsillo needs many more businesses to get involved.

"Marco doesn't need this as badly as we do," he said. "Here, with our catastrophic situation, I thought more people would jump at it.

"We can get the ball rolling if we can get it off the ground," he said.

Mark Weiser, president of the Downtown Punta Gorda Merchants Association and owner of the Artistic Gourmet, is a believer. "We're looking forward to it," he said. "The first thing that hits me about this idea is that shows an appreciation for our businesses. "After Hurricane Charley, it was very reassuring that people made a special effort to come into our stores, and this idea seems very much a continuation of that.

"The merchants and customers benefit," Weiser added, "and if it helps the club (civic association) in return, so much the better."

To participate in the program or for more information, call Regina Buckley - 637-1655 or ReginaBuckley@pgica.org

You can e-mail Dan Mearns at dmearns@sun-herald.com 

The Annual PGICA Membership Directory -

Placing an ad in the PGICA Directory will put your ad in approximately 2,550 homes in the Isles.  Additional copies are given to new residents when they join the Civic Association. 

Membership Directory Advertising Agreement